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Bonz’ Kitchen Escapade

I have been wanting to try any s’mores recipes because I am a fan of chocolate and marshmallows.  Though it has an easy-to-get ingredients, I don’t have a blow torch to toast my marshmallows.  

I first to try this recipe, Indoor S’mores from, but I got a failed mark.  

The recipe that I found needs only an iron skillet, which I don’t have but still tried to make it work, and an oven.  This s’mores recipe doesn’t need any blow torches.  The instructions in the recipe seemed really easy, but I still failed to make this s’mores.   Looking at the finished product of this s’mores trial, the chocolate underneath the marshmallows are really burnt.  I don’t really know what happened, but I’m guessing I should have used cooking spray on the skillet first before putting my chocolates.  

smores skillet dip

Anyway, I’m still sharing the recipe I got from

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Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s graduation day from her Nursing degree, and I have decided to bake vanilla chiffon cupcakes with chocolate whipped cream as her present from me.  Those cupcakes have fondant toppers related to her medical degree, but I’ll show it to you on a different post.  ^_^

This post is all about my stabilized whipped cream frosting.  

vanilla chiffon cupcake with chocolate whipped cream frosting

As a newbie baker, I have reservations about trying a whipped cream recipe as one of my cuppies frosting.  The temperature of this country doesn’t agree with any whipped cream frosting without any stabilizer.  So, I have to find ways, and gather tips to stabilize it.  

Eventually I found two methods to do it.  There’s the ‘blooming method’ using powdered gelatine, and another one is the instant Jell-O pudding mix.  Honestly, I don’t want to try the blooming method, coz I might not get it right, so I tried the instant Jell-O pudding mix.  

This instant Jell-O pudding mix is available in the market, but I would like to try the local version of this instant gelatine mix first and see what happens.  I tried the stabilized whipped cream frosting recipe from, but of course, I made a few modifications according to my taste and to make it chocolate flavor.

Making it for the first time, I have to monitor it over time to affirm its stability. Piped the frosting 10pm to a dozen vanilla chiffon cupcakes, I left one at room temperature, and the rest are in an airtight container.

chocolate whipped cream frosting

You can try this recipe yourself too..


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I have tried a simple fudgy brownie recipe I found in the net and got to test it fudgy-ness last June, and now I have used the same brownie recipe but added fun into it.  I call this brownie recipe Fun Fudge Brownies, this yummy, fudgy brownies are topped with mini colorful marshmallows, white chocolate chips and drizzle with chocolate syrup.  

fun fudgy brownies

I wanted to try different varieties of brownies that’s why I came up with these.  Initially, my plan was to make rocky road brownies, but since the family is not fond of nuts in their chocolate goodies, and no nuts available in my kitchen, I thought of something else to put on top of my brownies.  Since mini marshmallows and white choco chips are already within my reach, I decided to use them instead.  The fun colors the miniature marshmallow brought made the fun look in these more-than-a-dozen brownies, hence the name Fun Fudge Brownies.  


**I’m afraid this recipe is not for sharing for I am using them for my home-baked business.  Thanks for understanding. **

I have already tried baking cakes and cupcakes, cookies and homemade pizza, I think it’s time to try baking brownies!  

I found a couple of brownie recipes online but I chose to use this one recipe from Good Life Eats, ‘Simplest Homemade Fudgy Brownie’, 

At first, I was hesitant to try this recipe because I really want to make sure that the brownie recipe I will use is truly fudgy. I don’t want to waste ingredients if it will not turn out fudgy. But then again, all recipes went through trial and error, and adjustments on recipes if it need be. So, I tried this one out.

fudgy brownie ingr 

Judging by the looks of the batter, the mixture seems really gooey, a good sign that this recipe is a fudgy one.  Still crossing my fingers on this that I have found that fudgy recipe.

fudgy brownie

Hubby can’t seem to wait for the baked brownie to cool down completely because he keeps on asking if he can cut a small square already. He wanted to make sure that this one is fudgy. His reference of fudgy brownies are the ones sold at KFC as their sides, and I’m hoping that this recipe will get to excite his taste buds, just like those of the brownies in KFC.
Then, my prayers has been answered. As soon as it cooled down, and I cut it, hubby grabbed one piece and ate the whole of it. Haha! I cut the brownies in 2×2 inches. It made 16 pieces brownies for a 8×8 square pan.  
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