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It’s another birthday celebration in the family… my father just turned 61 today!


HBD Lolo King

Without any request, I gladly made a cake for my dear father and for the kids to blow the candles for their loving Lolo. It doesn’t need to have a big celebration just to say it’s your birthday. As long as you have a cake to blow, then eat, along with your family… then it’s your special day!


HBD Lolo02  HBD Lolo02
What cake did I make?

I tried a new recipe I found online, a crazy chocolate cake which doesn’t require eggs and milk. Not too expensive, right?

In one recipe, I made 2 6-inch chocolate cake which are very moist. Thankfully. Then I used my leftover blueberry flavor chocolate compound to make a blue chocolate ganache.  The ratio is 1:1 to make it pourable.

Blue Chocolate Ganache Pour

Finishing it with multi-colored non pareils for a little touch of birthday celebration.

Blue Chocolate Cake

Simple but I can I assure you the combination tastes good! My worst critic gave it a thumbs up sign… haha, my mother!

May God bless you with more healthy years and a good one too! We love you so!


This is the first time that we will be having a surprise birthday party with baby Matti’s big sister, or ate.  I am very excited until that day.  I made sure that everything that needs to be done should be done and the little secret won’t slip before that day comes.

It was successful!

I am yet to write a long post about Matti’s big sister’s birthday surprise over at her own blog, Little Zoie’s Steps.  I will just be posting a photo of me and baby Matti while waiting for big sister Zoie arrived at the scene of the crime.  Lols!

ate surprise party

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1st Time to Swim


Just like his big sister, baby Matti is also scared on his first time to take a dip in the pool.

Two days ago, hubby’s family have celebrated the birthdays of the members of the family for the month of November.  They’ve decided have an overnight swimming reunion for everyone to get together not only for a few hours.  Most especially, the kids love swimming.

The big kids already enjoyed the pool during the first night.  Of course, baby Matti can not take a dip during night time, so we waited for the early morning sun to rise and have a go the next day.

Though the pool water is in, not too, hot temperature, it is a good temperature for a baby to have a dip, baby Matti did not enjoy swimming.  I don’t know if he’s too scared of the big pool or he doesn’t want to feel the little shower on his little body.
1st time swim


Anyway, I didn’t expect him to love the pool the first time but I was hoping he did enjoy spending time with his relatives.  Next time, we’ll find more ways for him to enjoy the pool.


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The Triplet…


We woke up early everyday because the baby always wakes up early.  And today is one of the great mornings because it is hubby’s day off from work and we are now complete.

the triplets

See how the little boy is trying to look at the camera while I took the picture of my lovable triplet… He seems to know that he needs to look at the camera.  Lols.

As of the moment, the little boy is sleeping while I take a break from the house chores by doing a couple blog post.

Of course, you’ll see more pictures of baby Matti in the days to come!