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Me-Time Journal

Last night was a movie marathon night for me, if 3 movies are considered as a movie marathon.

I watched Real Steel, Iron Man 2 and my all-time favorite, Pearl Harbor. As I watched the last movie, I remembered that I am always wondering why air fighters lights cigar after winning an encounter, a battle. They call these cigars, victory cigars. Hmm… are these cigars, Hoyo De Monterrey?

So, why victory cigars?  I asked hubby, he said as the name implies, the cigars are somewhat a reward after the hard work in fighting.

Anyway, of course it’s Pearl Harbor, it means more buckets of tears have fell down from my eyes until the end of the movie.  Such a cry baby!

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Our Sunglasses Stories


If you’ve been reading one of my blogs, in my baby’s blog to be precise, I mentioned there that I love to accessorize.  That was before, the only thing I love to use to accessorize myself are pairs of sunglasses.

Before I was fond of buying i2i sunglasses, and now pairs of Fly sunglasses.  I hope next time I can buy pairs of Ray Bans, not only for me but for hubby as well, even my father, he loves sunglasses too.

My love for sunglasses is becoming my daughter’s fashion accessory too.  She’s too keen on picking the most expensive sunglasses in the rack (for kids), then she ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from Barbie. :-)


Last weekend was my birthday, so a week before my birthday hubby treated me to a full body massage at the local massage/spa salon in the area.  They are having a promos for this month of September, in which the full body massage is included.  Anyway, it was my first time to experience a body massage, and my first time to step inside a spa salon.  The massage therapists uniform are almost the same with the nurses’ nursing scrubs, you would think they are nurses too.

The body massage lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it was really a relaxing and stress-releasing way to relieve my tired, worn out body.  It helped me improve my sleep and eased the muscle pains at my back that I’ve been enduring for quite sometime now.  From the soothing and relaxing feeling it gives, I’ll definitely try to have a full body massage monthly.  Maybe hubby can treat me for another massage next month?  😉


Portable phones or mobile phones are essential nowadays, before it is a means of luxury, but now even students have one. A lot of people are buying high end mobile phones, while I’m sticking to my old model of Nokia phone. Lols! I’m not telling the model, it really is so old.

Of course, I’m planning of buying a new one this Christmas, a little gift for myself, and that will be Samsung phone, I still need to research the model I want. When I buy phones, I also buy spare portable phone batteries. It became a hobby since I started having phone ages ago, and it will the same when I buy a new one.

Any suggestions what Samsung mobile phone has great features including Wi-Fi?