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Me-Time Journal

The month of August is already here, and my anxiety and excitement are combined because of this little business me and my little sister is cooking up.  ^_^

Actually, we’re going to try an online store.  First online store is for clothing and the other one is for pastries, which will be coming up in a couple of months.  Clothing online store will be the first one I’ll be giving attention.  Now, I’m assigning my little sister I’m picking out the affordable and reliable courier service or fleet management is the best choice to pick.

The funds are still coming and I’m just waiting for my little sister’s free schedule of when are we going to shop for our store!  ^_^


Late post.

Exactly a week ago, my little sister celebrated her 21st birthday.

She didn’t want anything for her birthday but a simple movie treat of the hottest movie in town, The Avengers.  Of course, as a big sister, I wouldn’t want to pass her birthday even without a little celebration.  Before we meet up, I decided to buy a cake (and a candle) at Goldilocks so she can blow and wish for.  Since we (hubby, me and April) are meeting in a mall I decided to buy there, but oh well, she read my mind.  She arrived at the meeting place first holding  little red box on the other hand.  I don’t need to guess what’s in the red box actually, because it is already labeled, Red Ribbon.  ;-p

I took a picture of the birthday girl while waiting for hubby and our food, we also asked the KFC’s food crew if they have lighter to help us light the candle of this cake.  Nobody’s smoking, so we don’t have any.  The food crew said he doesn’t have one, but when he learned that we are going to use it to light a birthday candle cake, he said he’ll find one for us.

As soon as hubby arrived, we lit up that little pink candle. ^_^



What did you wish, ‘lil sis???

Here’s the rest of big sister’s treats to little sister. ^_^


Hmm… yummy KFC Streetwise! 🙂


SM’s cinema ticket for ‘The Avengers’ movie

Did you have fun, little sister?  I hope you do!


Last night was a movie marathon night for me, if 3 movies are considered as a movie marathon.

I watched Real Steel, Iron Man 2 and my all-time favorite, Pearl Harbor. As I watched the last movie, I remembered that I am always wondering why air fighters lights cigar after winning an encounter, a battle. They call these cigars, victory cigars. Hmm… are these cigars, Hoyo De Monterrey?

So, why victory cigars?  I asked hubby, he said as the name implies, the cigars are somewhat a reward after the hard work in fighting.

Anyway, of course it’s Pearl Harbor, it means more buckets of tears have fell down from my eyes until the end of the movie.  Such a cry baby!

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Our Sunglasses Stories


If you’ve been reading one of my blogs, in my baby’s blog to be precise, I mentioned there that I love to accessorize.  That was before, the only thing I love to use to accessorize myself are pairs of sunglasses.

Before I was fond of buying i2i sunglasses, and now pairs of Fly sunglasses.  I hope next time I can buy pairs of Ray Bans, not only for me but for hubby as well, even my father, he loves sunglasses too.

My love for sunglasses is becoming my daughter’s fashion accessory too.  She’s too keen on picking the most expensive sunglasses in the rack (for kids), then she ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from Barbie. :-)