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Me-Time Journal

It is one of those days when you want go out and be with some ‘girl friends’ but for me, I went out to meet with my little sister, April, and one of our cousins, Cla-Cla. It was a girl bonding time!

Bonding time wouldn’t be complete without food! Lols! Smiley And we chose KFC, my favorite fast food chain because of their chicken… Finger Lickin’ Good! ;-)

We all ordered KFC Double Down and KFC Krushers, except for my little sister ordered additional Spaghetti on her menu.


Photobucket Photobucket
Lovin’ both my Double Down and Krushers! ;-)







My little sister was the photographer, she took a picture of me and Cla-Cla talking about kids stuff, she’s Kinah’s mom by the way, and other things.




And of course, she’ll take a picture of herself. ;-)

I Love the food, KFC, even though its just a simple snack! ;-)