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Me-Time Journal

When it comes to fashion, nobody is exempted in creating their own.

Previously, a vast majority would love to see fashion on a perfectly slim body but, nowadays, fashion is not only for them. If you think they are the only ones who have the right to walk that ‘runway’ walk, wherever it may be, think again. It maybe a norm back in the days, but right now, women with voluptuous body can also flaunt it.  Plus size women have very right in their own way.  Mind you, they are walking their runway now!

A lot of stores are now offering elegant, simple, seductive plus size clothing and it’s been a hit.  Plus size women are really grabbing this trend.  May it be an expensive or cheap plus size clothing, it will be off the rack!

FashionMia offers elegant plus size clothing at a very affordable price.  Check out their collection of cheap plus size clothing and see what they can offer you!


Holidays are here and very one of us are busy shopping. This can be a Christmas shopping for family and friends, or for ourselves.

Treating ourselves to a dress or two, is not a bad idea during holidays. Not to mention that there will have lots of get-together’s, Christmas parties, happenings you will be attending here and there this Yuletide season. It will be starting as soon as December starts.

Now, search online for that special gift for yourself!


Black Lace A-line V-neck Knee-length Simple Prom Dresses


Christmas season is just around the corner and everyone, as in everyone will be very busy preparing for this annual celebration.

Since it is going to be very busy, especially the commercial and business districts in your area.  It may be advisable to simply shop your gifts online, rather than tire yourself in walking in a crowded mall and search high and low for those special gifts you want to wrap for your family and friends.

Mind you, online shopping is not only for this kind of occasion.  Everyone is already getting into the convenience of shopping online but of course, it is truly convenient in this kind of season.  The gift giving season!

Just like doing your shopping out, you should have prepared a list of things to buy for a breezy online shopping.  Then you’ll get a time for yourself to shop what you will be needing this Christmas.