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Hubby Cooked!


This only comes once in a blue moon so, I let him be…  ^_^

He said he wanted to cook Tinolang Manok for me last week but he just got time to cook it for me a  couple of days ago.  I don’t know his way of cooking it and I don’t have any objections because it does taste really good.  ^_^

Sharing the pic of the menu hubby cooked from my new food blog, In My Messy Kitchen


Looks yummy, right?



Homemade cakes are delicious, healthy and fresh.  Baking is an art that is nurtured and developed over a period of time. You too can be a pro in cake baking as long as you keep trying out different recipes and get the right cake baking equipment.  There are many special events in your life or in your family’s lives that require a cake for celebrations.  There are birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.  You can also decide to give your family a treat of a delicious home-baked cake anytime. There are families who are bakers by tradition.  The art is passed on down to family members from one generation to the next. You can also pass on the art of baking to your children.

Most cakes are made using simple ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder and butter.  There are other additives, which add flavour to the cake, such as vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate. The list of flavours is endless.  The art of baking is simple as long as you have the correct recipe and baking equipment.  You can buy the basic baking equipment first and practice simple recipes for both cakes and cookies.  Your creativity will yield fruits when you try and try again. When you bake you own cakes you enjoy them more than the ready-made boxed cakes you buy.  You will be able to bake your preferred flavours and sweeten the cake to your satisfaction.

Cake baking is a good creative activity for children.  They will have fun and you will have the opportunity to spend time with your children and family members as you bake, making it a social activity enjoyed by all.  Even those who don’t get involved with the baking will still enjoy the cake at the end.  One of the fun parts of cake baking is decorating the cake.  You can apply your creative imagination in making different shapes.  This can be very entertaining for children. While others rush to order a birthday cake or a cake for thanksgiving, you simply need to move to your kitchen and bake.  The aroma of fresh cake is refreshing and gives your home a sense of ‘life’ as children wait patiently for the oven to complete the baking process.

There are hundreds of recipes that are available online.  You can select a few which you like and try them.  Start with simple recipes with fewer ingredients so that you can perfect your art of baking before trying more complicated recipes.  If you are keen and determined to learn how to bake cakes from scratch, you will realize you can save a lot of money per year on cakes alone.  Buying the basic baking equipment is a onetime purchase and you can increase your collection as you enjoy learning how to bake both traditional confectionaries and modern cakes.  Your family will always have a dessert for their meals as long as you create time to bake a delicious cake for them.

Tina owns over one hundred different cake recipes.  She holds a degree in food technology and works as a consultant on baking and recommends MakeBake cake decorating supplies for baking cakes.


PWhile I’m waiting for my Little Zoie to finish her 2nd day of taking exams for the 2nd quarter, I got a suddenr craving for Jollibee’s Jolly Hotdog meal. So, what I did is, cross the national road and viola… I’m at Jollibee SM already! ^_^


Eating this meal alone is no fun at all… good thing I’m using hubby’s mobile phone and I busied myself surfing the net with SM’s free WiFi access for everyone.  ^_^

Happy Preggy Tummy!

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Red Strawberries from Baguio


A friend of mine visited Baguio last week. He came there with his balikbayan family and when I learned he was there, I immediately asked him to buy me strawberries!!! ^_^

Of course, he obliged to bring the pregnant woman 1 kilo of strawberries.  What I didn’t expect is, if it is not peak season at Baguio, strawberries are more expensive.  My friend bought them for Php 300.00 for a kilo.

Well, for a pregnant woman, I’ll buy and eat it as long as I know it will satisfy my cravings.  ^_^