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Here’s something that even the most seasoned jetsetter knows—whether you’re off for a brief beachside jaunt or a long-haul flight across the Atlantic, travelling can easily go from an exciting event to a meltdown-inducing nightmare.

The best thing you can do, apart from crossing your fingers that the airline doesn’t lose your luggage, is to prepare.

Let’s break it down.


For all your travel documents

Tickets, passports, itineraries—make sure that you have a copy saved on your laptop. Better yet, send copies to your email so that you have a way to access them, just in case they get lost.

Another tip: snap a quick pic of your visa and passport. Be sure to get the important details such as the picture, barcode or numbers.


When it comes to luggage and packing

Short of baggage that can pack itself, the latest in luggage technology features durable, lightweight materials that ultimately make it easier to travel. That said, here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Your choice of luggage is essential. Don’t make the mistake of choosing luggage that is heavy and bulky on the assumption that it’s more durable. Lightweight materials now come in hardtop options, such as American Tourister’s Cube Pop collection.
  • Black is always a classic and no-fail option when it comes to your luggage, but you might want to consider opting for bright hues as well so it’s easier to spot your bags. Again, if you’re looking for options, American Tourister’s collection features shades in eye-popping hues.
  • Here’s an easy space saving tip: roll your clothes–it also minimizes wrinkles—and then pop a dryer sheet before zipping up your bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Keep your baggage content balanced. Roll up your softer clothes and use it to line the bottom of your luggage. Place thicker items of clothing over it, such as denim, trousers and jackets. You can place your belts around the edges of the luggage and add shoes on top (carefully wrapped so it doesn’t mess up your clothes.)

Stay connected

Apps are the way to go. You’d be surprised how an app can spell the difference between navigating through an exotic country like a local versus exploring a new destination while dealing with stress and frustration.

Download interactive maps (Waze is a good choice) and flight trackers to get started. Eventually, you’ll discover more useful additions to your travel app arsenal, such as the ever reliable Gas-Buddy, to find the cheapest gas on a road trip.


Dress appropriately for travel


You will be sat down, usually for hours on end—do you really want to be wearing tight denim that pinches your waist?

Dress comfortably, use easy to remove shoes to go through security faster, wear something that won’t require you to use a belt. Knowing that, don’t completely neglect the aesthetic value of your airport outfit. Statistically, people who are dressed more fashionably have a better chance at getting upgraded.


Escape the boredom

Flights—or any trip, for that matter—tend to go on for hours. Resist the urge to ask, “are we there yet” and pack earphones. It’s the easiest way to escape the cramped car or cabin.



Breathe. You’ll get there.

Cancelled flights? Rude seatmate? Lost luggage? Just breathe. You’ll get to your destination—and it’ll be worth it. At the very least, you’ll have a great anecdote to tell over the dinner table.

Remember—your greatest travel companion (apart from a great playlist) is great luggage. Durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of any adventure, stylish enough to make you stand out as an experienced jetsetter and practical in such a way that it offers space and ease in equal measure.

Nope, these aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Check out American Tourister’s Cube Pop collection available in a multitude of colors, TSA approved features, easy to use and ergonomically designed straps and handles and spacious interiors with numerous travel-approved pockets.


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You’ve been driving the kids around all day, and you realize that you have no idea how to get to your next location. Naturally, you grab your iPhone to map it out, only to discover that the battery is drained from every app being opened and the latest kids game being played for five minutes too long…again!

Gazelle, the nation’s leading trading site for used electronics, has put together a few tips to help you save precious phone battery so you won’t get stranded without a cell.


Conserve What You Have Left

There are a few great features that help your iPhone provide a ton of great value for you, but suck your battery dry at an accelerated rate. Here are a few features you can turn off or adjust to save what little battery life you have left:

      • Turn Off Your Wi-Fi – Your Wi-Fi connection is great for downloading content at high speeds, but it’s one more way your phone drains your battery. To turn off your Wi-Fi, go into Settings, click on the Wi-Fi line, and then press the button next to Wi-Fi. The color behind the button should change from green to white.
      • Turn Off Your Bluetooth – Bluetooth enables you to connect your phone to other technology, like speakers or your car, but at a time like this you’d probably rather have your phone running than playing tunes on your Jawbone. The option to turn off Bluetooth is also in the settings app–click on Bluetooth (just below Wi-Fi), then click the button on the Bluetooth line–which should turn from green to white. This does mean that your phone will not connect with your car or other devices while turned off, but it will save your iPhone battery.
      • Dim Your Screen – That bright display may help you read this story more easily, but it’s sapping minutes out of your battery! You can still see your phone even on its dimmest setting, so try turning down the brightness. The easiest way to access your screen’s brightness–and a quick option to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off as well–is by swiping up from the bottom of the screen when on the home screen. In the second section down, there is a horizontal line with a dot on it, and a sun on either side of the line–one big, the other small. Move the dot all the way to the left, and you should see the screen get a bit dimmer. Just press the home button to dismiss this screen.
      • Disable Location Services – One of the cool features of the iPhone is that it knows where you are at all times, making it much easier to plot directions from your current location or tag a Facebook post. But constantly updating your location places a burden on your battery too, so turning off that feature can help you keep you phone on longer. To turn off location services, go to Settings, then scroll down to Privacy. Click on the Location Services line, and then press the green button in the upper right-hand corner. This means that your phone will no longer know where you are, but you can turn it back on if you need that information for some reason.


Make Your Battery Bigger

OK, so you can’t actually make your battery bigger, but there are some phone cases out there that will essentially do just that. Mophie, for one, makes a few cases for each generation of iPhone that charge with your phone overnight and provide a few more hours of battery life when your phone is running low. The downside is that these cases make your phone a bit bulkier, depending on which version of the case you get, and they aren’t too hard to break. The case itself protects your phone reasonably well from damage, but the charging capabilities break relatively easily if dropped excessively.

        For the iPhone 5 and 5S, the cases come in three models: Juice Pack Helium, Air, and Plus, providing 80%, 100%, and 120% of your battery charge, respectively. The case goes on just like any other case, but also plugs into the charging port on your phone. Instead of using your normal cord to charge at night, use the Mophie cord, which charges both the case and your phone. Then, if during the day your iPhone battery starts to creep too low, just flip the switch on the back and the case starts charging your phone!


Have a Spare Battery Handy

There are tons of products out there of varying sizes, styles, and costs that hold an extra charge for your battery just in case. The quality of these products differs, so it may make sense to do some research before purchasing, but it’s pretty easy to find relatively cheap external chargers that work well enough to get by. The biggest downsides to using these devices is remembering to keep them charged and having them around when you need them. It doesn’t do much good to have an extra battery if it doesn’t have any power or is at home when you’re on the go.


Maybe it isn’t the battery that is the problem. Maybe your phone is no longer holding the charge. If this is the case, and it is time to upgrade to something that isn’t going to leave you stranded, check out Gazelle. Gazelle is a website that buys used electronics for cash, even damaged ones! More than 600,000 consumers have used Gazelle to sell nearly one million gadgets. Gazelle offers trade ins for everything from smartphones to laptops to e-readers… the list goes on. Gazelle can’t give you more battery life, but they can give another life to your used iPhone by refurbishing it for another buyer, keeping it out of the landfill and giving you money in return. Better for you, better for the environment, better for everyone!


***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. **

The main trouble and the main difficulty which any home taker faces is cleaning and tidying up pretty much everything that goes out of order. There are various ways to clean your household and in all honesty it is not because of the creativity of people but because the occasion demands it. Regardless, the stages that you need to certainly take into account whenever you are dealing with the cleaning of your home are the planning of the whole process – how much, what and how long, the specifics of cleaning, paying attention to the environment, material and the products that you are using and finally discipline-not simply the discipline which you need to follow when you are cleaning but also the one that you need to keep in yourself and in the others around you in order to  preserve the newly established cleanliness.

First of all, when you are planning the cleaning you need to consider your strengths and you need to consider the materials you possess. The first step is to get the materials-if you can get some for free-do so, any cleaning material can clean everything, and if something is not powerful enough human effort will compensate for it. Additionally, you have to plan everything according to how strong do you feel. Do not overstretch yourself because cleaning is not like relocating or doing physical exercise to get fit-cleaning can be all about having fun. Regardless, you have to go through the following stages – cleaning the dust, then washing with some sort of cleaning product mixed with water and finally drying appropriately.

There are also a number of helpful tips you have to follow in order to make your relocation process easy. First of all, when it comes down to your safety you should better make sure that your cleaning products are used only when it comes down to cleaning and that your tools are exceptionally clean every time you are applying your cleaning products. Secondly, you have to be certain that you use water the right way. Water needs to be mixed with the specific cleaning product you have appropriately picked to use for cleaning and so you need to be perfectly aware of what stains are removed with cold water, which ones with freezing and respectively with boiling and hot water. Finally, you have to be aware of how can you replace the cleaning products with organic and non-chemistry materials for green cleaning because this way not only will you make the cleaning process more healthy, but you will also manage to save money.

And finally you shouldn’t get carried away anything else except cleaning during the tidying process. And when it comes down even more to discipline you need to remind the people you live with again and again about their responsibilities regarding the cleaning of the home.


Grace is an expert in the field of organizing and home relocation. Visit her at :



People love to learn ways to get better and better in the way they do even the simplest things in their every day routine. If you are one such person, who is also interested from bringing in the eco-friendly way of life in every aspect of your home, you will probably at some point reach the kitchen and start wondering how the cooking can become better.

There are many tips that will help you make the cooking healthier and less time and other sources consuming. Make sure you have followed at least some of the advice given here and you will have very nice results.

Usually when the cooking is starting we hurry to put the vegetables or the meat in the pot or pan and then leave the room and do something else, till the food is boiling. It is all good, but you do not have to forget to cover the vessels you use, at least till it starts to boil, then you can remove the cover, if the food preparation requires so. This is very important detail, because with this act you will reduce the time for the food to get ready and each cooking like this will cost you seventy-five percent less from the bill for the electricity compared with the cooking with uncovered pots.

When it comes time for the preparation of meat and even vegetables, you have to use the grill whenever it is possible to do that. This is much better way for cooking than the frying is.

As you go shopping prior to the going in the kitchen, you have to start educate yourself on the organic food options and slowly to increase their use in your home. This will both be good for your health and significantly more eco-friendly than the usual shopping.

There is one more important part of the shopping that causes terrible effects on the environment and these are the plastic bags. They are decaying for many years and are very much responsible for the total pollution. So spent some time and sew your own fabric bags, which you can wash and use for years. Make several and put few in your car and close to the entrance door, so you will not be forgetting them and buy new plastic bags. In case you happen to be in this situation, pick the paper bags from the shop.

The same rule goes for the plastic bottles. It is important if you have some to give them for recycling and to buy as less new as it is possible. Separate your garbage carefully and if you try to skip this activity, because it costs you time, remember that the next generations will be grateful for your time spent caring for the environment.

Grace is a desperate housewife and a writer keen on home organizing and decoration at home. Read also some of her stories on Redbridge cleaning and spring decluttering.