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Yes, I’ve got to ask anyone on this?

I have been very conscious about my triceps lately because of the unwanted ‘loose fats’ that hangs on the triceps area.  It’s getting saggy as I look at it and of course, I still want to take care of myself and look my best even though I’m busy taking care of my two kids.  Busy at home won’t stop me from getting the body I want especially now that I already lose a lot of pounds since I’ve given birth.

First, I would like to tone my triceps and getting rid of those saggy flabby arms on my back-of-the-upper-arm area.  I found a video that can help me tone my triceps, and more tricep-toning exercises below.

In the video:

  • Triangle Wall Pushup (a great modification until you’re strong enough to do triangle pushups on the ground)
  • Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks
  • Triceps Dips with Bent Knees (here’s a modification if you can’t perform these with your legs fully extended)

I’ll go for endurance so that’ll be 2-3 sets with 12-15 reps as per the instruction of the trainer.

There’s an alternative for the push up work out, the Side Arm Push Up.  It said to tone your triceps, deltoids, and the outside of your chest.

  • Lie on your right side with your knees and hip bent to 45 degrees. Wrap your left arm around your waist, and place your left hand in front of your right shoulder with your fingertips parallel to your body.  Keep your waist lifted with energy shooting out of the top of your head.
  • On an exhale, press your left hand into the ground and push yourself up, straightening the left elbow.  Inhale, and slowly lower yourself back to starting position.
  • Do three sets of 10 to 15 reps.


I will need to get my full strength back, then I’ll start toning my flabby triceps. 🙂

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Feeling Weak and Tired


It has been 3 days that I haven’t had enough sleep because of the over flowing of work online.  This was unexpected but I’m feeling blessed right now.

For a breastfeeding mom like me, I should take the right supplements to give me enough energy to move around the house.  You know I juggle a lot, right, so supplying myself with the right vitamins and minerals I need will be a great help for my body.

Also, I need to be supplied with the right food.  Meaning lots of vegetables and more soup, for breastfeeding of course, and fruits as well.  This will be a reminder as I pick up grocery tomorrow I need to include lots of fruits and vegetables.



You may be afraid of words like colostomy, stoma care and surgical operations. If this is true, you need to know one thing: you are like everyone else. There is a plethora of diseases associated with intestines. Many of these need to be treated by operation to avoid their aggravation and the process does not involve any substantial risks. This article explores the health issues that often call for colostomy.

Basically, colostomy is a method which allows surgical techniques to pull a section of the large intestine. This is carried by making an opening in the large intestine and the opening is called stoma. Whether the colostomy carried out in your case is needed for a permanent or temporary basis, both are possible. The basis depends on the gravity of your problem. At its basic, a surgical operation is needed when there is a problem with some region of the intestine. The usual problem in this respect is of blockade or tampering of the large intestine.

Bowel Cancer:

Bowel cancer is one of the biggest reasons for performing colostomy. The colostomy for this purpose is of transient nature so that the stoma is created for a limited time period and after the bowel has healed, the stoma is removed and the bowel is rejoined. The rejoining process is called reversing the stoma. Most people suffering from bowel cancer are effectively healed as a result of colostomy.


This is a medical condition in which small pouches start appearing on the wall of the large intestine. This causes infection in the wall and its inflammation. If the problem exacerbates, the doctors may recommend that the infected section of the colon be removed. In such a case, temporary colostomy is usually carried out.

Bowel Obstruction:

The bowel may get blocked due to a number of reasons, e.g. constipation, hernia, etc. Bowel obstruction is a serious problem that could result in the splitting of the bowel, infection and other serious problems. Both types of colostomy, i.e. temporary and permanent, are carried out in case of bowel obstruction.

Other Reasons:

While these issues are the biggest reasons for having colostomy, the list is not exhaustive. There may also be other health issues asking for this operation. Some of these include Crohn’s Disease, bowel incontinence and wounding of the large intestine caused by any reason.

Treating the Intestine after Colostomy:

Doctors are united on one view: carrying out colostomy is fairly simple and there are no risks involved. However, it is the patient’s lifestyle after the colostomy has been carried out that can make things go wrong. Stoma care after the operation is one such issue. Make sure that you use quality equipments for this. Specially designed underwear and swimwear suits are available in the market to take care of your stoma. Using a quality pouch is equally important.

The doctors believe that colostomy is no significant hurdle in living a good lifestyle. Using good equipment and following the instructions of your doctors and stoma nurse makes sure that you don’t get your colon damaged due to bad exercise, poor diet and other such seemingly safe acts.

Denzel Zurich has successfully recovered after colostomy. He now advises on techniques he adopted for stoma care.