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So, you’ve started to look around your bedroom and notice some things you wish could change. Maybe the lighting just seems a little off or your bedding is looking a little rough. No matter what you might see in your bedroom, we all have those moments when we wish a lot could change. However, most of us are also on a budget and can’t afford an entire bedroom makeover like those we see on TV in those luxury apartments. The good news is that there are tons of DIY ideas out there on the Internet on how you can give your bedroom a bit of a facelift. Keep reading below to learn more about them.


Create a new wooden shelving unit.

A fantastic and pretty easy way to give your bedroom a new look is to add a DIY wooden shelving unit or two on your wall. Most of the times, our bedroom walls can look a little bare. Adding shelves that hold your valuables or some cool knick knacks and paintings is great for any bedroom. All you have to do is find an old wooden slat that’s laying around in your garage or one you can find at a local hardware store. You can refinish the wood if you would like or paint it a color that matches the style of your room. And then all you have to do is get it up on the wall and get decorating!


Upgrade your dressers.

Do you have boring and plain dressers in your bedroom? These old wooden dressers can be a serious downer when you’re looking to spruce up your style. An easy way to solve this problem is getting some wallpaper or paint from the store that will add some more color to your room. Attach the wallpaper or paint the front of your dresser and you automatically have a brand new dresser! This is a super easy DIY project that won’t take a lot of your time.


Change up the drawer handles.

A great project for your weekend is to change up the handles that you have on your bedroom drawers. You can find some affordable ones that look great at the hardware store and easily install them on the fronts of the drawers. This is an easy way to give these units a face lift and add some new style to your bedroom. Your room won’t look like those at The Conrad or any other luxury apartment right away, but you’re slowly getting there!


Make a wooden pallet table.  

One last DIY project that just takes a bit of construction is constructing your own wooden pallet table to place in front of your bed. All you have to do is find a wooden pallet that might just be laying around in your basement. You can refinish it and place it in front your bed to act as a table for magazines, candles, or bedtime essentials.

All of these ideas are going to be pretty easy to get done and affordable for your budget. Which one are you going to try this weekend?


Who doesn’t want to save space on their kitchen counter tops?  We are living in a small-spaced, one bedroom apartment for a long time now and we are having a scarcity of space as days go by.  Of course, I will think of every possible space-saving ideas I could think of just to see space anywhere. Haha.

I always think of space saving ideas for my favorite part of the house… my kitchen.  So far, that’s all that are posted here in my house project’s category.  This time, my space-saving project is for my kitchen knives.  Though I don’t own a lot of knives; I have a couple of knives, bread knife, spatulas and a cake slicer, I still wanted them off my counter top.

Knife Rack


Indoor vegetable gardens can help reduce your monthly food budget by giving you a year-round supply of edibles. However, you need to give the plants what they need in order to survive. Not all veggies are capable of sitting in your kitchen window throughout the winter. What can you do to keep the plants alive 365 days a year in the house?


One of the obvious elements for keeping plants alive is light. However, plants are photosynthetic. This means they can convert virtually any light into energy. While many people use heat lamps to keep their vegetables growing, something like a fluorescent light source can work as well. As long as you can deliver the right amount of illumination, the plants can flourish.


One of the reasons why many indoor plants die off during the winter is because of the severely shifting temperature. If you can build an indoor garden that can sustain an ideal temperature, plants can survive even through the most violent of winters.


DIY storage jars empty space

See that empty space?  With a small kitchen like mine, all I want to do is to make good use of those empty spaces so my kitchen supplies and tools will have there own proper storage.  

Now for that empty, unused under the shelf space… I have read several blog posts regarding jars being a storage container for different food supplies such as spices and the likes.  Since I am into baking, I have different kinds of sprinkles, dragees, non-pareils and others, and I need little containers for them.  I have a lot so I know it will eat up my not-so-plenty available spaces in my cupboard, which I also need for bigger containers.  

Then, I found this inspiration…