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PhotobucketTwo of hubby’s wish list is to buy a 42-inch LCD TV Full HD from Sony (he’s a SONY ‘addict’) and their Playstation as well.  But since there are other important things to prioritize, he decided to put his wish list on hold.

We need to buy some house stuff first like a clothes cabinet which should be big enough to put our stuff and Zoie’s, a DVD for my work out needs (CD work outs) and Zoie’s entertainment, and a new stove.  We need to replace our SuperKalan for cost-cutting purposes.

Well, he’ll never know maybe before the year ends we can buy his top wish list…



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Buying Household Stuff


Last week, we finally decided to install vinyl tiles for our bedroom floor. Hubby and me are the only ones who worked on it and we’re satisfied with our job.

Also, 2 weeks ago we have bought a new TV rack for our ‘donated’ JVC TV. This TV rack is light brown in color, it is supposed to be dark brown and with casters. Unfortunately, they don’t have anymore stocks available and they’re offering us the display. We didn’t take the display, instead we search for other TV rack that we will definitely like. So now, we end up buying the light colored one and without casters.

Next week will be doing shopping for a new closet and an additional drawer for other clothes.  So far, we are redecorating the house the way I like it and I’m thanking the LORD for the never-ending blessing (financially)!

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When is your Market Day?


Before we’ve been going to grocery and market during weekends, but now since hubby’s work shift changed, our Grocery/ Market Day changes it schedules too.

We do grocery and market during his day-off, I can’t do grocery/ market alone because I’m tagging my little Zoie.  I can’t manage it alone especially now Muntinlupa City has declared ‘No More Use of Plastic Bags‘ last January 18 by our beloved Mayor Aldrin San Pedro.

It means Bring Your Own Bag/Bayong or BYOB.  You can see posters of it all over the city, so wherever you go from markets to mall you’re suppose to bring your own bag, I use tote bag.  But since I only go to grocery and/or market once a week, I need a couple of bags or a few more just to put all the goods we bought.  It’s as if I’m going to buy gold with all the bags I’m bringing. (metaphorically speaking).

Since I can’t carry them all and Zoie, hubby needs to come with me…

So now, our Grocery/Market Day falls on Wednesday or Thursday, his new day-off. How about you, when is your Market Day?


One of the subjects I enjoyed when I was in grade school was H.E.L.E (Home Economics and Livelihood Education), especially when we were discussing about houses.

I remember learning about the ideal (functional) kitchen design, Kitchen – Work Triangle.  It is said to be ideal because of  its good working flow when you are doing stuff in the kitchen, especially cooking.

The key points of the triangle are the:  the refrigerator (fridge), the sink, and the stove.

kitchen,work triangle


The points of the triangle are the most used area in the kitchen, that’s why we should not put any obstacles in the middle of the triangle. This design can make you work around the kitchen easily, everything should be within reach in this design.


If ever will have our own house, I’ll definitely be designing it especially the kitchen.  The base layout will be the Functional Triangle Kitchen Design! ;-)