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If you’ve spent a lot of time on various home improvement and DIY projects, and have some capital to spare, you may have toyed around with the idea of renting your house out, and quitting your day job to become a landlord. While there’s a definite attraction to the freedom and independence of being a landlord, many people rush into it without knowing what they’re getting into. Being a landlord is much more than simply collecting rent from your tenants every month. You’ll need to know a thing or two about the law, be adaptable enough to get along with different personality types, and be able to deal with all kinds of issues that can come up. Here are some of the most important things to know about the life of a landlord…


Your Hours Vary a Lot


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In life it is always nice to find that illustrious balance between style and substance. It’s nice to having something that actually works and does the job it is supposed to. But it’s also nice when it looks good whilst it does its job. If you are a very busy and stylish person, then having a kitchen that caters both to every need you have within it whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing is undoubtedly your goal. Below you can find a few tips on how you can attain a balance between style and substance in your kitchen.


First of all, you should pinpoint the appliances that you use in your kitchen every single day. You should pinpoint these appliances because they are the things that sustain a heavy workload, therefore they must be made of substance. And the first appliance you pinpoint should be your kettle. If you are keen and frequent brewer then your kettle is going to be susceptible to wear and tear. But if you purchase one like the Willow and Everett tea kettle, you will not have such a problem to contend with. The fact that it is made of surgical stainless steel means that it will be able to continue its functional use without having to contend with wear and tear. As well as this, the steel finish is a style that would look out of place in no kitchen. And you should continue this trend when it comes to your cutlery. Surgical stainless steel cutlery is guaranteed to offer substance to any kitchen, simply because of the fact that it is impenetrable. It will remain durably sharp for as long as you see fit to use it. And it is guaranteed to offer style because, well, it’s got that steel finish!
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A steel finish works every time


living and dining room
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Every homeowner has big dreams for their house at some point. You look at certain rooms and imagine all the ways you’d change things if only you had the time or money to do so. Perhaps the one thing that stops you from ever giving a home renovation project a whirl is the realization that you’re no construction worker and you’d have no idea where to begin when it comes to turning interior design ideas into a reality.
Despite your own self-doubts, there’s no reason you couldn’t be the architect and the engineer. You already have the blueprints in your mind; you know what you’d want to do if you were to dabble in the world of interior design, but now you just need the guts to give it a go. Unless you’re building a house from the foundations up, you’ll probably surprise yourself in that you’re far more qualified to renovate your home than you realize. Here are some tips and ideas to help you with the task of reinventing and rebuilding your home.



If most of us could ask one thing of our homes, it would probably be that they were a little on the larger side. You don’t often get many people who say they wish their house was smaller, or that they have too many rooms at their disposal. Usually, the vast majority of us are always looking for innovative ways to make the most of what little space we have. Of course, when we are struggling to cope with the lack of space in our house or apartment, it can be tempting to look back at when we were buying it and think ‘why didn’t I just get somewhere bigger?’. But more often than not, you don’t realise just how much space you need until you are living in the property itself. Your personal situation may have also changed – for example; you may have had children since you moved in and now you are struggling to accommodate for all their toys and personal items too. However, there are things you can do to increase the space in nearly every room in your house, including the one that’s often forgotten about: the bathroom. Your bathroom can easily end up feeling cramped and messy, which doesn’t make it a particularly nice place to bathe. Here’s what you can do to strip it back and make it work for you, whatever size it is.

Ditch the bath

The clue is in the name when it comes to the bathroom – but how many of us honestly have regular baths these days? It is far more common for people to shower, and even when they do take a bath, it is seen as a treat or for a special occasion. With this in mind, weigh up just how important your bath is for you. That thing can take up a lot of space, and if it’s not worth much to you, it can be worth replacing it with a single shower unit instead. You can find shower enclosures to suit any bathroom, and you can easily hang shower caddies over the door for practical storage.