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Hubby’s New Baby


A couple of weeks ago, hubby is deciding what to buy for the house… is it a DVD player (we don’t have any) or new speakers for the PC (the old ones has been broken a few months ago). I told him I’ll be buying the DVD player from my blogging money, so that means he’ll be buying the speakers then.

I also suggested to check out those Energy speaker sellers in the web to see if he can find a good bargain. He followed my suggestion but he also checked out speakers in the mall. Luckily, last week, he found a great sounding speakers. Even I liked what he bought. Now, he’s calling it his new ‘babe’! Lols!


Anyway, Zoie and I have been busy using his speakers for listening to music online and watching movies downloaded in the net. Nice buy, dad! ;-)



Two weekends ago, we finally decided to buy a 2-burner stove and LPG and stop using SuperKalan. We’ve been using SuperKalan since we moved in this apartment 2 years ago.  Actually, we have a 1-burner stove and LPG, but hubby decided to just leave it with the in-laws and let them use it.  So, I was stuck with the SuperKalan.

It’s costly when you use SuperKalan, we always used up its gas in a month and will buy a new one for almost Php250.00. If with delivery and other charges, like gate pass, it’ll cost Php300.00 already. Right now, I’m keeping track as to when our new LPG will last, and if we’ll save a few bucks from it…

Anyway, I took a picture of our new stove, as a souvenir, I know its not branded but at least its working fine. That’s good enough for me.

I can cook longer now that the stove and LPG project done, laminate flooring for the kitchen and dining, and the living room next… What do you think, hubby?


PhotobucketTwo of hubby’s wish list is to buy a 42-inch LCD TV Full HD from Sony (he’s a SONY ‘addict’) and their Playstation as well.  But since there are other important things to prioritize, he decided to put his wish list on hold.

We need to buy some house stuff first like a clothes cabinet which should be big enough to put our stuff and Zoie’s, a DVD for my work out needs (CD work outs) and Zoie’s entertainment, and a new stove.  We need to replace our SuperKalan for cost-cutting purposes.

Well, he’ll never know maybe before the year ends we can buy his top wish list…



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Buying Household Stuff


Last week, we finally decided to install vinyl tiles for our bedroom floor. Hubby and me are the only ones who worked on it and we’re satisfied with our job.

Also, 2 weeks ago we have bought a new TV rack for our ‘donated’ JVC TV. This TV rack is light brown in color, it is supposed to be dark brown and with casters. Unfortunately, they don’t have anymore stocks available and they’re offering us the display. We didn’t take the display, instead we search for other TV rack that we will definitely like. So now, we end up buying the light colored one and without casters.

Next week will be doing shopping for a new closet and an additional drawer for other clothes.  So far, we are redecorating the house the way I like it and I’m thanking the LORD for the never-ending blessing (financially)!