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Rocky Road For Me!


Late post.

I have been craving for a chocolate with marshmallow but with less peanuts for days now, but since I know it is not healthy to eat such craving I ignored it.

When a pregnant woman craved for it, you definitely need to taste it.  Actually I bought a Chocolate Marble flavor from a local ice parlor in the area but I wasn’t satisfied.  I also tried drinking my favorite KFC Rockin’ Road Krushers but still the craving’s is still there.  Finally, I gave in.  I was looking for a smaller container of Rocky Road flavored ice cream but this is all I got…


Selecta Overload Rocky Road 800ml!

Upon posting this on my Facebook account I got lots of comments that I might blow up, or get fat, because of eating this.  But honestly, after 3 spoonfuls of ice cream in my mouth, my craving is gone!  It is just a craving alright.  ^_^

And after my pregnancy, I’ll buy definitely buy the bigger tub.  ;-p

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Slice of Chocolate Cake


Nope, I don’t have a slice of chocolate cake right now, but I’m definitely craving for one.  ^_^

I was checking out a toggle bolt website when a notification from my Facebook account appeared on my tabs bar.  One of hubby’s cousin’s wife, Ate Lovely, have uploaded a picture of a rectangular chocolate cake from Goldilocks in her Facebook account.  It seems they’re celebrating the birthday of Ate Lovely’s father in a restaurant.  And because of the yummy picture the chocolate cake, I’m craving to eat it too!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get hubby to buy me a roll, though I can’t eat chocolate right now ’cause my Acid Reflux is attacking.  ^_^  Envy much! 🙂


Wireless technology is becoming mainstream in today’s world.  Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, mobile device, laptop computer, or even printers, it seems like more and more people are demanding to use them in a wireless capacity.  With increasing usage comes an increasing strain on wireless networks, which in turn, will require more professionals who are knowledgeable and capable enough to provide support so that these systems can be maintained.  For those of you contemplating this promising career, here are three reasons why you should become Cisco CCNA Wireless certified:

-It’s everywhere.  As we already stated, wireless systems are becoming the new normal in offices, schools, and training centers world-wide.  Those professionals who have the skills to manage, maintain and troubleshoot these systems will be called on for support.

-Training opportunities are abundantly available for those who want to train and prepare for the certification process. Candidates will take an exam such as the 640-722 IUWNE.  Preparation resources from Cisco Learning Network and from companies such as Testslive can rapidly speed up the time necessary for passing your certification exam.

-Having the CCNA Wireless certification lets employers know that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively support their wireless networks, including being able to ensure that their network is up and running with minimal downtime.

The use of wireless technology is only going to increase along with the demand for competent professionals to maintain its vast networks. Will you join these ranks of IT professionals that can manage wireless LAN configurations?



Have you played this game yet?

Have you seen it as one of Facebook’s online games?


Well, I did.  And honestly, I’m already addicted to this game!  ^_^

I say I’m addicted because my restaurant keeps getting bigger and bigger.  And every time I have new sets of goals to finish I would hurry to accomplish them all. ^_^


Right now I’m in Level 20 with only 1 goal waiting to be finished.


See how addicted I am! Lols!

Try playing it, it’s fun!


PS.  I’m encouraging you because I need neighbors!!! Hahaha