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When it comes to choosing the gifts to give your mom on her special day, a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates usually falls on the top list. But why give these ordinary gifts to a woman as extraordinary as your mom?

While there’s an abundance of suggestions you can find over the internet on how to make this day extra special for her,—the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination — gives you these Mother’s day gift ideas that will surely bring a smile to your mom whatever her interests may be.


The Timeless Beauties

Let’s face it: signing your mom’s name for a salon reservation can be costly. What’s more, spending around a thousand pesos for hair & make-up will only heat up a conversation on practicality. So before it boils down to this, why don’t you give her the beauty tools she can use when attending parties, events, or just going to the mall? Or, you can give her the sweet fragrant she loves to wear when going out to see her friends.

Lazada also houses different body and facial care products that can help brighten her skin. To further boost her beauty from the inside, you can also give her the right food supplements she need to make her look and feel younger.




The Sweet Fashionistas

 Are you looking for a pair of stylish shoes to complement your mom’s Sunday dress but don’t have enough budget to invest in one? Then you’d be glad to know that Lazada is offering different fashionable pairs that are not only made with high-quality materials but are also affordable.

Aside from shoes, you can also give your mom additional pairs of jeans, comfortable blouses, and elegant dresses to add more collection to her wardrobe. You don’t have to worry because all of Lazada’s items will look perfect for women of different sizes.


The Domestic Divas

If your mom loves to cook, there’s a higher chance for her to spend more time in her kitchen. With this, there’s no better gift than kitchen appliances like slow juicers, microwave ovens, toasters, and induction cookers.

For your mom to achieve the quality of rest she needs after a long day of doing household chores, it will be best for you to invest on different home appliances that will do the job for her. This includes washing machines, water dispensers, and air humidifiers. Or, you can help her achieve the level of comfort she needs by adding more appliances to her room like electric fans, television sets, or air conditioners.


The Happy Homemakers 

Your home will never be complete without the basic homemaking needs such as furniture, kitchen utensils, beddings, curtains, and outdoor accessories. This is why Lazada has classified your mother’s home and living obsessions—to add spice to your home and bring light to every corner.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to give your mom something that will last, you can go straight to Lazada’s Highlights at Lazada section to view its Special promos, bestsellers, selected sellers, and other exciting announcements that will help you track your needs.



Before purchasing your last-minute Mother’s Day gift, make sure that you give your mom the best gift she deserves. But on top of that, what matters most is you give her something that’s closer to heart. has been made with the Filipinos in mind, making it user-friendly and straightforward for ease of use. If you’re always out and on-the-go, you can still shop effortless and risk-free in Lazada by downloading its mobile app for free in both iOS AppStore ( and Google Play (

Staying true to its effortless and risk-free shopping promise, Lazada offers different payment methods, including Cash-On-Delivery, Credit/ Debit card payment, BDO installment, Megalink, Philippine-Paypal accounts, RCBC Web Shopper with 0% installment, and AMEX/ JCB services. With free nationwide delivery for orders above PhP 1,000 and return policy of 7 days, you are sure that you will get the best shopping experience with nothing to worry about.


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I know, I know, our school year is about to end and it’s too late for me to start bento lunch for my daughter, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to learn how to make them.  And definitely I would want to make them next school year.

Image result for bento boxes image
image not mine. credits to owner.

Bento boxes are originated in Japan, a Japanese cuisine.  It is said that the traditional bento box consists of rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.

Image result for bento boxes image
image not mine. credits to the owner.

I recently learned baking, and still learning, and now I wanted to put my creativity to another stage.  I want to put a new skill in my ‘Mommy Resume’.  Since the school year will end this week, I still have time to get tools for this new project and get inspirations.

Now, that I shared it here, the creations will be shared in my daughter’s blog, Little Zoie’s Steps, as the school start in June.

If you know where to get tools for bento boxes, I am all ears I would love to hear what you will have to share.  Thanks in advance!


We were staying at my in-laws house for the past couple of months and since summer is here, we decided to give our little boy his first hair cut.

We had to give him a cut because his hair hasn’t experienced one since birth.  Lols!  Also, it’s starting to get hot, his long hair style needs quite a trim, just to freshen his feeling during summer.

Wanna see his hair cut?


matti 1st hair cut

The little man was sleeping when I took this picture.  This is a his milestone because he was really behaved when the barber was cutting his hair, I thought he’s going to cry but he’s one brave little man.  🙂 So brave!

Hope he’ll be cool enough this summer!



As I was thinking of what games to conduct on Little Zoie’s birthday party at school, I wanted to add our usual ‘Pabitin’ game.  Preparing that game will need lots of goodies and candies which I know needs additional budget and I don’t have that for the moment.

Still reflecting on what goodies-giving-game I could add in the program, I ended searching YouTube for a DIY party piñata.  Initially, I found paper mache piñata which is too tedious work for me, then I finally found one that only needs boxes with a flap opening, sealed with a not-so-tight masking tape.

This DIY piñata doesn’t cost a lot since I already have the main materials: the box, glue, masking tape and lots of candies accumulated from Halloween to Christmas.  Don’t worry, I checked the best before dates of each pack of candies and I did not include those gummy candies.  I am hesitant of their expiration date and because I am giving them to kids, better to be sure so I did not include them in the piñata than have the poor kids eat them.

Anyway, my additional materials for this project was the printed image of Princess Sofia of Sofia the First, the birthday party theme; purple, white and green crepe papers; and violet and green yarns.  I was supposed to print a Prince James image to put on my second piñata but I wasn’t able to do so.  It was rather late when I decided to add another party piñata with Prince James picture.

I made two piñatas.  Purple one for the girls and the green one is for the boys.  Since the initial plan was only one piñata, I have only taken a few photos of how I did the purple piñata.


DIY sofia the first pinata-1

DIY sofia the first pinata-2  DIY sofia the first pinata-3