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A loved one’s passing can be sudden or expected after an extended illness. Regardless of the situation, this loss is always a profound one. However, you’re often confronted with real-life challenges during this mourning period. Funeral costs can range into the thousands of dollars for a traditional burial. As a dignified solution, cremation services in Virginia are available. Take a look at some of the details surrounding cremation and what this service can do for your family.

Selecting Cremation Services

Almost every community has access to cremation facilities. You can contact your local hospital or funeral home for referrals before the occasion arises. Ideally, you should prepare for cremation by purchasing a plan that works for your loved one’s needs. Buying the package early on allows you to price different facilities as necessary. Every cremation company has different costs that can vary over time.

Arranging the Service

Cremation used to have a negative connotation to it because a service was often waived. However, today’s families are using the cremation service as a way to invite people for a memorial. The service might be at a funeral home or the family’s property. Families usually select the service’s location based on personal and financial ease. The urn can be moved to any location so this option provides more versatility compared to a traditional burial.


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Trend shows that parents continue to buy older model iPhones for kids

In the ever-changing – and ever-breaking – era of technology, phones are often the first to be replaced. Cracked screens, water damage and everyday wear and tear contribute to a constant need for new devices. But the average buyer isn’t the only offender; it’s children that need to be watched with their gadgets while learning the responsibility of owning a new electronic. For parents looking to fit their child with a first device, a new iPhone may not be the best choice – and for good reason.

Parents are now turning to certified pre-owned phones for their children’s gadget needs. Last month, Gazelle, the nation’s leading trade-in and buy site for electronics, found that 52% of mobile devices purchased on its online store were for kids or another family member, and 31% of customers were buying as a first device. Twenty-five percent of those who purchased also reported a lost, stolen or broken device as the main reason for replacing their device, making older phone models not only a cost-efficient solution, but also a practical one.

Cost continues to be one of the major reasons for purchasing a new iPhone or Android. And with kids at the helm, a certified pre-owned device is the perfect choice for any cost cognizant parent. At Gazelle, quality is not sacrificed for cost. Gazelle completes a rigorous 30-point inspection on each device, backed with a 30-day risk-free return policy. And for those looking for a newer iPhone model, Gazelle offers iPhones from the 4 all the way up to the new iPhone 6 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy phones and iPads.

For a limited time, Gazelle has discounted the price of the certified pre-owned iPhone 4S, starting at just $129. Visit today to take a look at our certified pre-owned iPhone inventory.


In this fast-paced lifestyle, it’s so important to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep everyday.  Imagine all the stress that we acquired from our daily work and even on personal lives.  Our lack of sleep affects on how we perform and the quality of our life. The more we sleep, the better our body functions well.

Newly opened Japanese-themed brand Nemuri is making a big wave in advocating healthy lifestyle with their products that are designed to encourage a restful sleep.  From sleep wear, pillows, hypoallergenic blankets, comfort accessories, and aroma revitalizer, Nemuri is a perfect store for people who wanted to experience comfort and quality of sleep.  A place where lounge wear is not just beautiful and stylish, but luxuriously soft and comfortable.  What’s unique about the store is it plays rhythmic sounds that helps customers to calm and relax while shopping.

Inspired by Japanese culture, Nemuri Sleep Well offers Japanese artistry that brings out simplicity and excellence at work. The brand believes on its core principles about the Value of Life and Value of Sleep.

“We wanted our customers to know that our daily lives are very well affected by our sleep.  Husband and wives fight on small and petty things which probably leads to lack of sleep or rest.  Mother’s easily get frustrated with their children because of being too tired.  Accidents happens because of lack of sleep while driving.  All these things are very relevant on sleeping,” said Charles Sy, who owns a retail fabric store and conceptualized the brand Nemuri.

Sy explained, “Living a quality life involves resources such as time, money and effort.  Investing on sleep is very much important as it consumes almost one third of our life.  We are very excited about Nemuri as the brand offers healthy and effective sleep solutions for everyone.”

Nemuri, a Japanese word which means to “sleep well” peacefully, is targeting professionals and married couples from ages of 25 to 45. Most of Nemuri’s sleep wear fabrics are from Japan and locally manufactured in the country.

Currently, studies shows that at least 15-percent of the population or approximately 12-million Filipinos, have sleeping disorders or issues related to sleep. With this scary figures, only small percentage do care about getting quality of sleep.

“Our future plan is to reach at least 5-percent of the population and educate them about how sleep affects one’s life. The brand is confident to open several branches in the Metro in the next six months to a year.  Part of our expansion is to open in Trinoma, Fairview and Market Market, adds Sy.

To know more about Nemuri, you can visit their store located at the 3rd level of Glorietta 4 or you may log on at, or call (02) 869-0302 / (0917) 8787528.



I may not be the blogger that is very concern with my sites’ statisctics ( I know I should be), but as of the moment I am loving my Alexa ranking!

bonzworld alexa


I haven’t reached this low Alexa ranking before.  As I remember the lowest was 400k+ and that’s it.  It became soaring again especially when we neglect writing on it on a daily basis.  Well, actually I am surprised that it hit 300k+, notice that the posts are not written on a daily basis.

I’m guessing it will be my visitors coming and checking out my site again and again have made this possible.  If so, I am truly grateful.  I am also going to check my statcounter to double check the statistics.

Anyway, I am very pleased and I’m hoping that it will reach its lowest at 100k.  Can you help me make it happen?  ^_^