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Small kitchen apartments have trouble with storage and organization, though I have acquired less kitchen wares and stuff, I am one of those who did not do anything with it for a long time.  I thought that since I am just renting the apartment I don’t want to spend on installing pricey storage solutions for my convenience.

It took me long enough to realize that organizing your stuff, not only kitchen stuff, needs to be expensive just to unclutter your kitchen.  I thought wrong, like for example finding solution with my unorganized cookware lids, see I only have a few.

unorganized lids
I bought this… actually, I don’t know what it is called but I saw this idea this kind of storage in one of the pins in Pinterest. Which only costs me Php 66.00 at Japan Home Centre.
hanging storage01

The original idea I planned was to use this for storing bread without the worry of ants getting to it so easily, then again I thought of another clever way to make use of this handy storage item… storing my cookware lids!

I have installed it at the corner end of the cabinet, just not to get too much attention on it. The built-in storage cabinet installed in the apartment doesn’t have any cabinet doors. I also installed a hook at the back of the grid storage because the lids is too heavy for it carry without any support. I know it will give away for less than two days. Hooks are only Php 39.75 for a set of five so it is really not out of the budget.

hanging storage02


Now, the final touches…

storage solution for lids


I better grab another one of these again for my bread-storing idea… Haha!  You can use this idea too.



ff7 movie ticketsIt’s been a while since hubby took me out on a date, well we had income issues since he resigned from his work last November and not until February when he got a new one.

Anyway, I’m waiting for the seventh installment of Fast and Furious movie since Paul Walker died. That time they had already filmed more than 50% of the movie so we can assume that there are issues that needed to iron out before finally releasing it to the public.  And as expected, the movie release date was moved a bit.

I know this will be the start of our movie dates together (again), now that I can finally leave my 2-year-old in the hands of my capable in-laws.  Our next scheduled movie date is, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  And I’m quite excited about it.

I know I’m a bit late to give spoilers, so I will just give my thoughts about the movie.

Honestly, I was looking for Paul Walker’s scene where his brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, will fill in as stand-ins.  Since I was engrossed watching the whole story of the movie, I didn’t get to catch any ‘glitches’.

Cody Walker, Reach Out WorldWide

What I did catch was Vin Diesel’s eyes… it looked sad in most of the scenes.  Well, I can’t blame him, losing someone next to a brother is really painful.

So, about the Fast & Furious 7 story… I liked the action-packed scenes, especially the ‘cars don’t fly scene’ in Dubai.  You really can’t leave your seats



Before I am just a stay-at-home wife who loves to cook for her family, and now I have added another skill to my housekeeping/mom resume… I am now a self-taught baker!

I became interested in baking, particularly cupcakes and cakes, when I started to watch Cupcake Wars in a cable channel.  Their cupcakes are very colorful, fun and looked very yummy thus inspired me to learn baking these yummy sweet treats.  And just like any baker, let’s just say a home chef (*wink wink*), I would need lots of kitchen/cooking/baking tools, small kitchen equipment and kitchen storages that can help my kitchen-working experience a lighter, and less stress for me.

Here are a few items I’m keeping my eye on because I want to buy them one by one… or these items maybe your wishlist too!

An oven-safe tray that I can use for baking lasagna! Yum!

Since our family love to share our home-cooked foods, this party travel storage and serving tray is one perfect tool for us!

I don’t have a specific job for this colorful mason jars, but I would love to have them ready in my kitchen for ’emergency purposes’. Lols!

And lastly, a dinner set… who doesn’t want to have new pieces of dinner set?

Now, now everything in my kitchen wishlist are sold in Lazada Ph, which is an advantage for me because they have been a trusted seller, to me since I started shopping online, and that would be almost 2 years ago.  So definitely I am keeping these items in my wishlist and buy them here, online, as soon as possible.

Are these items included in your wishlist too?


Christmas is just around the corner and everyone are now starting to create a list of what are they going to buy as their Christmas gifts for their family and friends. I know because that is what I’m doing since October began.

If you can see my Christmas-buying list right now, you’ll notice that everything that I wanted to buy for presents are all useful.  If its not for personal use, at least useful for home.  One of my gift ideas includes sets of bed sheets, kitchen wares, home decors, clothing and personal accessories.

I have decided to include bedding sets in my gift-giving list because I found Tidebuy cheap bedding sets online sale, a perfect bargain for this holiday shopping spree.  We can find those great bargain sale in this link —   Below are a couple of elegant selections.


Stunning Silver Jacquard Lily Blossom Drill 4 Piece Comforters Bedding Sets
This is a great gift idea for couples who loves satin.  A great fit for any king and queen size beds.  From $395.00 to Tidebuy’s sale price of $138.99.


For a couple who loves to keep their bed in dark hues, I would think of getting this grunge grey color bedding set, made of cotton, with wavy and circle patterns from Tidebuy.  From $309.00 to Tidebuy’s sale price of $134.99.

These are just a few gift ideas to give this Christmas holiday.  You can check out and find lots of gift ideas to give not only this Christmas but for any occasion.