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French Toast by Hubby


This has been a really late post but I still want to post it here because hubby’s cooking something in the kitchen and it rarely happens. Just like the saying ‘once in a blue moon’… ^_^

So, what did he cooked in our small kitchen? He’s been craving for a french toast that time, so as soon as he had the available ingredients: bread (with raisins), milk, butter, and eggs, he forgot the cinnamon powder, he went ahead and find the easiest ‘how to make a french toast’ direction he could find. I’m afraid I did not checked out that page he copied this recipe. 😉

Since this doesn’t happen too many times, I just let him be in the kitchen. I took some pictures of course, but I am more excited on the output of his little kitchen experiment.  Lols!


french toast01

french toast02


Surprised as I am, his first french toast is really yummy! I had to ask more slices of bread cause it tasted really good.


french toast03



If he cooks like this a lot, I wouldn’t mind giving him the kitchen once a week, or twice a month, so I can have a little break in cooking.  I’ll let him be the chef once in a while.

Those toasts looks yummy, right? ^_^


Did you get to save on vestax turntables yesterday’s Valentines day for a special someone or did you just plan a different gift or take them out for dinner instead?

As for me, we didn’t plan of going out yesterday because we know how hard it is to find any available tables in every restaurant in the area.  We’ve experienced this 2 years ago, and I vow never to experience it again.  Haha!

As I was saying, we didn’t plan to go out yesterday neither celebrating Valentine’s too but hubby surprised me with red roses because he can’t find my favorite chocolate of all… 3 Musketeers!


No chocolates? That’s okay, we just ordered my favorite pizza… Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza! Yum!

I also posted this in my hubby’s Facebook wall…





Hubby’s day off didn’t fall on weekdays since he got transferred from a different call center site until now.  So that means if his day off falls on weekends, that will be my time off from blogging it as well.

A family time, bonding time together if I may put it.

So don’t expect me to be seated in front of the PC during hubby’s day off.  ^_^

On the other note, I have been participating in a meme called Mommy and Me Mondays for quite sometime now, over at Little Zoie’s blog, I might have missed a few participation but I’m still coming back and continuing in sharing my posts.  But this time it will be different.  I will still be participating in the said meme but I will transfer it here at Bonz World and not over Little Zoie’s starting today.

I am scheduled to gave birth to Baby Z (baby #2) this month, it wouldn’t be appropriate to share both my kids photos, with me, only at Little Zoie’s blog.  I am planning to buy Baby Z’s own domain, blog, as soon as he comes out.  So, in general, I will be sharing my kids photos for Mommy and Me Monday here at my own personal blog.

So, that’s about it… ^_^ I’ll be sharing my first Mommy and Me Monday here at Bonz World a little later.


I remember hubby and I talking about the opening position of a Trainer spot in one of their BPO sites in the country, specifically in Davao, at the start of 2013.  Before he was just interested in the position but now, he’s really considering it.  He opened up the topic again the other night.

Seems to me that he’s very interested in that position.  He already submitted his application and resume for the position and we will be waiting for the progress of the application process.  Though Davao is so far away, I still support what he wants 110% even it means that he’ll be away from us most of the time.

If he will be accepted for the position, the plan will be, as soon as he get settled, we will be staying in Davao with him.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, he just passed his application last night and we’re waiting for any feedback.

Whatever hubby’s decision might be, career wise, though it means he’ll be away from us, I’ll be supporting him all the way through.