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There’s nothing like having tons of energy, maintaining inner confidence, and rarely getting sick. These are all signs of great health, and many people want to attain the level of wellness that will generate this optimal level of living. If this is the case for you, now is the time to implement the following health optimization techniques:


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Last weekend was my birthday, so a week before my birthday hubby treated me to a full body massage at the local massage/spa salon in the area.  They are having a promos for this month of September, in which the full body massage is included.  Anyway, it was my first time to experience a body massage, and my first time to step inside a spa salon.  The massage therapists uniform are almost the same with the nurses’ nursing scrubs, you would think they are nurses too.

The body massage lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it was really a relaxing and stress-releasing way to relieve my tired, worn out body.  It helped me improve my sleep and eased the muscle pains at my back that I’ve been enduring for quite sometime now.  From the soothing and relaxing feeling it gives, I’ll definitely try to have a full body massage monthly.  Maybe hubby can treat me for another massage next month?  😉