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Yesterday was my sister’s and son’s birthday.  My sister turned 24 years old and my son is now 2.  Celebrating birthdays is a good time to practice baking and decorating cakes, if not cupcakes, and this was a perfect time since it is two birthdays in one day.

Honestly, I don’t have any cake designs in mind for my younger sister’s cake but I do have two designs, still deciding which one, for my son: Spiderman or Baymax of Big Hero 6.  I already have searched for a Spiderman cake inspiration weeks before the birthdate but when I noticed that my little boy is getting interested with the white fluffy robot in the Big Hero 6 movie, I’m having second thoughts of using the Spiderman design inspiration.

When I asked of hubby’s thoughts on this, he voted for a Baymax design cake so I searched Pinterest boards for any ideas how to make a Baymax fondant topper. And this is what I’ve got…


Baymax cake and cupcakes
just needed a cake inspiration



Last April 17 was my grandmother’s-in-law 89th birthday but the family decided to celebrate it on a family day, Sunday, April 19.  The plan was just a simple get together with everyone bringing their share of food for the party, and since I am baking, my mother-in-law assigned me to create Lola Mommy’s birthday cake.

chocolate chiffon cake filling
Filling in my cake layers



Honestly, this is the first time I have made a 2-tier cake and I was kinda hesitant to do it, but I thought how can I really show that the cake is wearing Princess Sofia’s dress.  Though hesitant, I am still excited about how will my 2-tier Sofia the 1st inspired cake will come out.

I remember that August last year was the time I started learning how to bake.  After 5 months, I am now trying my creative hand in creating a 2-tier which I haven’t tried before.  I only experienced making 1-tier cakes.  Though I am scared, I still challenged myself that I can do it!

The cake base is made up of chocolate flavor and the frosting under the purple fondant is American Buttercream.  And the decorations are white little dragees and the #7 for my daughter’s age.


sofia cake 2 tier


I am a self-taught baker and I have made a few cupcake goodies since I started last month, and now I am trying my hand to make my own birthday cake!  Mind you, this is my 1st cake since I started baking. Yehey!

I used a moist dark chocolate cake recipe, which I have made a couple of times already in my cupcakes, and cover it with chocolate ganache and fondant.  The original design was a white fondant cake with pastel-colored circles around the cake, unfortunately the white fondant I rolled was too thin and the middle was ripped, showing the chocolate ganache inside.  Then I tried to salvage the design by using two shades of blue as the background of the pastel-colored circles.  Here it is…


pastel birthday cake first-02
excuse my hand writing… still new at this 🙂