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I Made My Own Birthday Cake!

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I am a self-taught baker and I have made a few cupcake goodies since I started last month, and now I am trying my hand to make my own birthday cake!  Mind you, this is my 1st cake since I started baking. Yehey!

I used a moist dark chocolate cake recipe, which I have made a couple of times already in my cupcakes, and cover it with chocolate ganache and fondant.  The original design was a white fondant cake with pastel-colored circles around the cake, unfortunately the white fondant I rolled was too thin and the middle was ripped, showing the chocolate ganache inside.  Then I tried to salvage the design by using two shades of blue as the background of the pastel-colored circles.  Here it is…


pastel birthday cake first-02
excuse my hand writing… still new at this 🙂