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DIY Sofia the First

As I was thinking of what games to conduct on Little Zoie’s birthday party at school, I wanted to add our usual ‘Pabitin’ game.  Preparing that game will need lots of goodies and candies which I know needs additional budget and I don’t have that for the moment.

Still reflecting on what goodies-giving-game I could add in the program, I ended searching YouTube for a DIY party piñata.  Initially, I found paper mache piñata which is too tedious work for me, then I finally found one that only needs boxes with a flap opening, sealed with a not-so-tight masking tape.

This DIY piñata doesn’t cost a lot since I already have the main materials: the box, glue, masking tape and lots of candies accumulated from Halloween to Christmas.  Don’t worry, I checked the best before dates of each pack of candies and I did not include those gummy candies.  I am hesitant of their expiration date and because I am giving them to kids, better to be sure so I did not include them in the piñata than have the poor kids eat them.

Anyway, my additional materials for this project was the printed image of Princess Sofia of Sofia the First, the birthday party theme; purple, white and green crepe papers; and violet and green yarns.  I was supposed to print a Prince James image to put on my second piñata but I wasn’t able to do so.  It was rather late when I decided to add another party piñata with Prince James picture.

I made two piñatas.  Purple one for the girls and the green one is for the boys.  Since the initial plan was only one piñata, I have only taken a few photos of how I did the purple piñata.


DIY sofia the first pinata-1

DIY sofia the first pinata-2  DIY sofia the first pinata-3


My daughter’s 7th birthday is coming up and she’s quite excited of it. Even at the start of the month, January, she’s busy planning the details of her birthday, who will sponsor for her birthday and what will they contribute, smart kid.

Last month, after her small aunt’s 7th birthday, she thoroughly thought of her own birthday party theme and she finally came up with Sofia the First party, one of Disney’s princesses, after a lot of suggestions among the Disney’s famous princesses.

After she decided her birthday princess theme, first thing she pointed out that she has to have Princess Sofia’s Amulet of Avalor too. Yup, that little violet teardrop pendant her stepfather King Roland has given her as a welcome present when she and her mom moved in with them. And because of this request, I have searched high and low in the world wide web for any DIY instructions on how to make your own version of Sofia the First’s Amulet of Avalor, if I cannot make a replica.

I was really thankful that even though I haven’t found a step by step amulet making tutorial, at least I found an inspriration and tool tips of what I will be needing for making an amulet. What I was afraid in this project is where will I be getting the materials because honestly, this is the first time I’m doing stuff like this. Then my aunt-in-law pointed out that these materials can be found in crafts stores which is also a sewing materials store here in the Philippines.

Alas, I found them and eagerly made the amulet and got very excited for the outcome of my first DIY Sofia the First birthday theme project.

DIY Sofia the First amulet01

DIY Sofia the First amulet02

DIY Sofia the First amulet03


I made two amulets because I wanted to pair my daughter with this accessory.  And I have decided to use my favorite color for my amulet…

Honestly, I was very happy with the outcome.


My turning 7-year-old daughter is asking for a party on her upcoming birthday on February 5 but due to budget constraints we decided not to throw one for this year.  But then again, as parents we want to make our kids happy on their special day that’s why I have talked to my hubby and told him my plan of celebrating our daughter’s birthday with a simple party in school.  It may be simple but I intend to make it fun so the kids and Zoie will enjoy the party.

My plan is to ask relatives and friends, particularly the godmothers of my Little Zoie to sponsor party stuff and food we need for the party.  Hubby agreed with my proposal and let me handle everything for the party.  I have assigned and talked to her godmothers and a couple of her aunts to contribute game prizes (Ninang Mitch), spaghetti and juices (Ninang CB), balloons (Ninang Yssa), loot bags (Tita CM), Sofia the First princess gown and additional food for teachers (Lola Mommy), and to cook the pasta (Tita April).  Now, you’re wondering what am I contributing to this birthday party… I’m doing the cake, cupcakes, party decorations, planning games and additional food for the kids.

Since this is a budget constraint Sofia the First themed party, I am also excited to plan this because I am doing DIY party decorations.  I have found Sofia the First party theme printables.  I have printed ‘Happy Birthday’ banners, invitations and the bookmarks that will be included in the party loot bags.


DIY Sofia the First banner01

DIY Sofia the First banner02

Printable ‘Happy Birthday’ banners, stick to a violet yarn.

DIY Sofia the 1st Printable Invitation

 Printable Sofia the First Invitation

DIY Sofia the First Party Favor Bookmark02

DIY Sofia the First Party Favor Bookmark01

Princess Sofia (for girls) and Prince James (for boys) are party favors included in the loot bags.

Actually, this my first to plan/create DIYs in a birthday party, also I’ll be creating Sofia the First Amulet of Avalor.  Stay tuned.