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There’s nothing like having tons of energy, maintaining inner confidence, and rarely getting sick. These are all signs of great health, and many people want to attain the level of wellness that will generate this optimal level of living. If this is the case for you, now is the time to implement the following health optimization techniques:


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I’ve been eating too much last 2010, it started when I become a stay-at-home mom.  Do you think it has got to do with just sitting in front of the computer almost all day and cook and eat anything I like when I feel like it?

Do I hear a yes? Smiley

I guess you’re right.  So, now as the new year is starting, I’ll also be starting on my new diet regime… A diet plan which includes food (of course), exercise and sports.  It sounds like a hardcore diet plan, right?  I tell you, it is not… first, I need to start slow and easy, not the rigid diet program.

I’ll start simple and basic on food:

  1. Less rice.
  2. Less Fats, More Protein.
  3. Less Meat, More Fish
  4. No Coke, More Water.
  5. No Junk Foods, More Fruits.  (I don’t usually eat junk anyway)

That’s about it, I’ll just edit this whenever I thought of something to add.  Next, I want to flatten, or at least tone down my abdominal area, because my tummy is already bulging due to lack of exercise and too much eating!  Lols!  I remember I have posted some abdominal exercises in this blog, check this post:  Let’s Exercise That Tummy Down!

Now for the sports, this is my hubby’s expertise… he’s more of a sports-kind-of-type.  Due to lack of time, the only sports he is playing is his all-time favorite:  Basketball!  Because of my weight loss diet plan, we are now obliged to do more sports together other than his basketball.  Top of the list is BADMINTON, we’ll be doing it next weekend… not this weekend because it will conflict on hubby’s work time.  Next, VOLLEYBALL, I’ll invite my SIL to come and play with me.

I will still finalize the lists of what sports we can do, this is actually a good example for my little Zoie.  At least as early as now, she’ll be introduced into sports and have an active childhood as she grows… I’ll definitely support what sports she’ll like to play, I might as well enroll her to some sports clinic, right?

I started my weight loss diet plan today… we ate fish and taken less rice.  I can say, DAY 1 – CHECK!


I love to eat, that I can’t deny… just look at my tummy! Smiley The bulges are visible already, unlike a year ago… even after Little Zoie was born, I only have waist line of 27″!

Where’s that slim waist line have gone to?

I have searched the net for the appropriate exercises to lose these belly fats and it’s sad to say that I keep doing Day 1… I need to discipline myself if I want to lose these flabs!  I think I’m not that serious in losing these because I’m confident hubby’s not complaining about this tummy.  But for my sake, I better be serious with this.

Sharing you some abdominal exercises to help you, us of our belly fats:

  1. Abdominal Crunches
    No equipments are needed to work out the belly fat in this case. Begin by lying down flat on the floor. Now bend the knees with feet on the floor. Hold the hands just by the side of the ears. Do not interlock them. Take a deep breath before starting off. Now crunch up lifting the head and chest a bit against the gravity and try to touch the knees with the forehead. On achieving this, move down slowly, exhaling the air. Downward movement must be slower than the crunch up movement. Rolling off the upper torso as said is fine to start with to reduce the belly fat.To have much more effectiveness, push the chest and head towards the ceiling while simultaneously pushing the lower back flat onto the floor. Our anatomy will lead to a crunching pattern conspicuously. Trying to crunch up towards the ceiling causes much more stress on the abdomen part. On reaching the maximum top position, hold still for a moment and then come back down. Do not try to convert this to a sit up exercise as it will stress hip flexors and the lower back too much. Repeat the above mentioned steps 5 to 10 times in a single set. Normally 3 sets are done with proper time intervals between each set. 5 to 15 minutes of work out in a day can have a desirable effect on the belly fat reduction.
  2. Vacuum Pose
    This is nothing but sucking in the belly region by taking out air from the stomach. This can be done casually for a period of two to five minutes whenever you find time during your work or during leisure time. This hardly takes your energy and time but can prove very effective over a period of time. While doing this small bit of exercise, care should be taken that the movements of belly in and out should be rhythmic in order to promote regular refreshment of air. This exercise has two advantages namely the circulation of fresh air which helps in breaking up of molecules and the other one is inducement of pressure in the belly that will dissipate some energy in the inside region. It may seem quite easy but not so for people who have developed bellies to slightly advanced stages.
  3. Alternate Leg Lifts
    This is one of the advanced exercises to develop the lower abdominal muscles and to reduce belly fats. One should lie flat on his back on a flat ground with his hands at his sides such that the palm faces the floor. Both the knees should be bent such that the feet are rested flat on the floor. Now the lower abdominal muscles should be contracted and one of the legs is slowly lifted until the calf comes parallel to the ground and the shin faces the ceiling. The lower abdominals must be kept tightened so that the lower back does not arch when lifting the leg. Now the first leg is brought back to the initial position and the other leg should be lifted. The above procedure should be repeated for desired number of times.
  4. Stomach Twisting Exercise
    The formula of doing this exercise is quite simple but the breathing procedure and slowness of exercise has a bigger impact in the outcome. For doing this exercise, one should stand on a flat surface with legs kept closer near to attention position of cops. Hands should be stretched in front where the eyes should see the nails of the hand. This is the position one has to take before starting up the exercise. Now, with eyes still fixed at nails, the hands should be moved towards left side of the body to maximum possible extent. The position of legs should be stern and should not incline in any direction while the upper part of the body reaches maximum angle of twist. After reaching the last point, hold there for about a second and slowly come back to the original position. The same procedure should be followed while going to the right of the body as well. Twelve times on each side of the body will produce adequate strains to the stomach which can reduce nearly one inch of belly fat in two or three weeks. You need to do three sets of exercise each day i.e., 12 x 3 = 36 times.
  5. Knees In and Out Exercise
    Begin by lying flat on the floor. Take a deep breath. Raise the legs, and bring it towards the chin, bending them at the knees. Raise the upper torso in such a way the chin is nearer to the knees. Hands are either set free or held at the back of head giving a support. This is the initial position. Now stretch the arms and legs together in opposite directions. Inhale while doing so. Execute this at a much slower pace to gain maximum benefits. Now again crunch back to the initial position once the greatest possibility of stretching is achieved. Exhale while doing so. Do not try to concentrate on the upper torso. Keep the head and chin still and stretch the lower part of the belly. Repeat these steps for about 8 to 12 times in a single set. 3 sets are done with proper time gap to gain maximum benefits.

These are just a few of those abdominal exercises, now that I have posted it… I should also do this.  Have fun!