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Red Strawberries from Baguio


A friend of mine visited Baguio last week. He came there with his balikbayan family and when I learned he was there, I immediately asked him to buy me strawberries!!! ^_^

Of course, he obliged to bring the pregnant woman 1 kilo of strawberries.  What I didn’t expect is, if it is not peak season at Baguio, strawberries are more expensive.  My friend bought them for Php 300.00 for a kilo.

Well, for a pregnant woman, I’ll buy and eat it as long as I know it will satisfy my cravings.  ^_^





This was late posting.

It was hubby’s birthday two weeks ago. ^_^ Instead of going out, her mom bought him a cake, from Red Ribbon, while I cook his favorite pasta recipe, my Carbonara version.  Actually, they forgot the candle, we only re-used Little Zoie’s candle from her 4th birthday on February.


And may I say, Red Ribbon’s Leche Flan inspired cake was so yummy!  I’ve got another cake listed to my favorite cake list. ^_^





KFC Krushers Rocky Road (Php 65.00)

It was a good thing when KFC finally opened its branch here in SM Muntinlupa.  When SM Muntinlupa was opened, KFC is not one of the fast food services that opened.  So, when there’s no KFC in sight, I was dismayed.

I really love KFC and I’m so glad they opened at SM Muntinlupa, which is in front of my Little Zoie’s pre-school.  ^_^

Took the picture at the building’s lobby while waiting.  I think I’m getting one again on Friday!


Ruby Tuesday 2

Ruby Tuesday 2


Yesterday, as I was running errands while waiting for my Little Zoie finished her class yesterday, I passed by Goldilocks at SM Muntinlupa.  I’m actually thinking of buying a little cake for hubby with a note saying ‘Congratulations’ for his promotion early July, but I ended up buying my daughter’s little snacks for break time in school.

I bought Goldilocks’ Fluffy Mamon (Php 20.00), Cheesy Ensaymada (Php 26.00) and Heavenly Chocolate Cake Slice (Php 22.00).  Actually the Chocolate Cake slice is for me. ^_^


As for the half roll cake I was thinking of buying, maybe I’ll buy it this weekend because I’m also planning of cooking Carbonara.  It’s just a little celebration for hubby.

Okay, time’s up!  I need to finish some laundry while the sun is up and check out the chemical labels of all the make-up kit I got last week from an acquaintance.


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