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Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. They’re also about passion. But during the course of life, many of us forget about this aspect of our bedrooms, and they become neglected.


The great thing about choosing a glamorous bedroom design is that it allows you to be really adventurous. No more neutral colors and white emulsion walls: glamming up your bedroom is a chance to experiment. From French-style furniture to dark and moody colors, there are dozens of ways to glam up your bedroom. Let’s take a look.


Choose Rich Accent Colours




If your room is neutral – which is very common among attic bedrooms – then start off by experimenting with accent colors. Try changing the color of the bed sheets to a bold red or purple. Bright colors will contrast well with neutral colors in the rest of the room, injecting some passion into otherwise dreary surroundings.



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When we welcome guests into our home, we want them to feel comfortable and at ease, first and foremost. For many hosts, the idea that their house guests might feel on edge is unthinkable. So we offer them drinks, we give them fresh, fluffy towels, and we let them take control of the television remote. But the bedroom they will sleep in is the biggest factor in deciding their comfort levels. Privacy and space are essential, but the decor will also have an impact. If your guest room could do with a little bit of TLC, here are some ways you’re guaranteed to bring the comfort factor to the next level.



Are you looking for upholster stores which can give great services for leather cleaning, restoration and other upholstery services?

As for me, I’m looking for an affordable restoration for my leather couch, see its condition below.


That’s my poor couch, I didn’t took the whole picture of the sofa because that condition extends up to the other end of the sofa. It seems that Little Zoie, while playing, she was also busy peeling off the leather when she touches the cracked ends of the peel-off.  As you can see, it definitely needs a thorough restoration from the leather covering up to the couch’s cushions.

A total makeover as you can say it.

But if the makeover is as expensive as the new couch’s price, I think I rather buy a new couch.  ^_^