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Living like a minimalist has started to become more popular as of late. It refers to this idea of living without a lot of stuff in your home. Essentially, you get rid of things that you don’t really need and follow a strict interior design pattern that focuses on simplicity.

Why is minimalism popular? Well, as mentioned, it can help you save space in your home, but it can also make your house look very contemporary and chic. Not only that, but it could help you save money as you stop yourself from buying lots of things.

What we’re going to focus on today is this idea of minimalist interior design. More to the point,

you’ll be treated to a few tips that will help you achieve this type of interior style.




If the rooms in your home are small even if the home itself is big you will definitely find it extremely difficult to furnish them in a way to avoid redundancy. The next lines will give you a few ideas on how to deal with this situation room by room.

  1. The bathroom and the toilet – if they share one and the same room the best solution is to put a toilet and a shower and to avoid bathtub. You can also place the sink in the corner.

  2. Kitchen – for a small kitchen the best thing you can do is use build in lockers and shelves as they will save you space. You can also think about purchasing convertible chairs and tables. When we want to eat we simply use them and when we are finished we can simply fold them and put them in the corner. This way there will be much more free space in your kitchen.

  3. Bedroom – for the bedroom is okay to be small. All that is needs to consist of is a bed for two people. From that thing on you are the one to decide whether you will put a wardrobe in it, also bedside tables, etc. However, no matter the size of the bedroom the smartest solution in the situation is to use a build in wardrobe. It is not only extremely convenient but it also looks very fashionable and stylish no matter the wall type.

  4. The living room – this is the most difficult room to arrange. The problem lays in the great amount of furniture that is situated in this room. Sofas, armchairs, shelves, a table and of course the TV and all other electrical devices that comes with it – you will have to find a way to place all of these things in only one room. So, first of all, forget about the armchairs – they are too large. You better replace them with stools. Your sofa should be not too large but with the option to fold and unfold when needed (for example when you have guests).The table should also fit together with all other things. Look for a small, short table. Do not make the mistake to go for a high table as it will take too much place. There should not be too many shelves on the walls only the most necessary ones to handle your TV, DVD and all other similar devices.

These are only the basic ideas that will help you deal with the small size of your home in the best possible way. It is completely up to you to decide what you will do and how you are going to arrange your items.

The most important thing is not to feel angry of your small dwelling. You should think of it as of your small but cosy and neat home. Decorate it with suitable elements and you will see that even a small dwelling properly arranged can seem far more comfortable than a larger one.

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