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kitchen project on a budget

Way before the flooring and repainting of the apartment has started, I have been looking for storage solutions for our small-spaced home. I have been scouring the Pinterest’s boards to find ideas to maximize the space in the apartment without breaking the bank.

I have found a couple of storage, and also organization ideas, some are do-it-yourself projects and some are not. Since hubby is not fond of carpentry projects, I am still convincing him to upgrade his home-related skills, I decided to buy a grid, and S hooks, to be hanged on the wall as one of my storage solutions on the kitchen’s unused wall. It is one storage solution that is so easy in the pocket. The grid, I chose black, only costs me Php 300.00 and Php 34.75, 6-piece a pack, I bought 2.  Also, I bought 4 sets of screws and wall anchors to hold the grid to the wall tightly.  A screw is Php 15.00 a piece, Php 10.00 a piece for the wall anchors, for a total of Php 100.oo for both items.

Now, the sum of all the expenses I made for my simple wall space storage solution only costs me Php 469.50.  It didn’t break my Php 500.00 budget for this kitchen project and they are all brought at Handyman.

See the before and after look of my project use the unused kitchen wall.

kitchen unused wall space


And the after look…

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a couple more days because I forgot my photo-taking gadgets, both my tablet and phone, when we finished installing the grid yesterday.  I have already hanged most of my pots and pans and ladles on it.  I guess I will just keep you hanging on this one.  Sorry, guys! ^_^