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A month of countdown begins…

11mos matti
  grabbed from his previous site


Early this morning, we have made baby Matti blow (not him of course) his 11-monthsary candle to greet his turning of another month.

We are all excited that he’ll be turning one next month and I have been busy planning and preparing his second big event.  His first was his birth.  ^_^

As of now, I have already booked a party package at Jollibee Madrigal, located at Ayala Alabang, for 75 party attendees.  We have paid the downpayment, 50%, for the party over the weekend and we will pay the remaining 50% more after the party.  I still need to prepare the loot bags and the pabitin game because it is not included in the party package.  I didn’t add the loot bags in the package.

Now, lots of preparing to do before the big day, you know how time flies so fast.  It will be April 27 soon!



Finally, the long planned surprised birthday party was a success! She’s surprised indeed! ^_^

The story of my Little Zoie’s surprise birthday celebration is at her blog, Little Zoie’s Steps.  It is a very long post and I think I can not add anything anymore here so I’m suggesting to hear the story (there are pictures and a video too), you click on the link above (2nd link).

Now, my first child just turned 6 years old and she’s growing fast.  I don’t want to miss anything as she grows.  I’m here with you all the way to forever.  We love you so much, Zoie!

Below, I’m sharing a family picture of us on her surprise birthday party at school.


zoie 6th family pic

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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This is the first time I am going to think of how to dress up a baby boy, fashionably speaking, because my first child is a girl.  Though I know that boys only wear jeans or shorts, polo or shirts, rubber shoes and sandals, I’m feeling a little pressure of how to dress him up.

If you were to ask me, this time it will be the daddy’s job to dress up his little boy.  Still, I am going to hunt clothes for baby boys to dress him up too, it will be his dad’s approval if it will pass his style of fashion.  Babies fashion is easy, but now my little boy is growing up, he’s turning 9 months this 27th, it will be a little harder on my part.  ^_^

I need his dad’s approval of what to buy for him starting with his new pair of big boy’s shoes.

matti's new shoes


My Little Zoie’s 6th birthday is coming up and she has been requesting a lot of stuff for her birthday.  First, she wanted to celebrate her birthday in school with games and loot bags and all.  Aside from a birthday party in school, she also wanted to celebrate it in my in-laws house and a swimming party as well.

Whew!  That’s a lot of parties for a six-year-old don’t you think?

For one, we don’t have the luxury of spending that much for a birthday party.  That’s why hubby decided to celebrate it on his parents’ house and they are the ones who is going to spend for the party.  My share will be the games’ prizes and the loot bags.

It was settled last weekend.

But then again, a light bulb lit in my head.  If I can work out a party in my specified budget I’m thinking of giving her a surprise birthday party in her school instead.  I think I can bend a little and work it out, without spending too much, on this birthday party.

My plan?

  • Order separate meals in a well-known fast food chain where kids love to it (Jollibee or McDonald’s).  This is cheaper than availing their party food and services.  Way cheaper.
  • I’ll just buy one of Red Ribbon’s Dedication Cakes, which only costs Php 300.00.
  • I’ll be getting the kiddie meals for the kids’ food so toys will be included in it.  This will serve as a loot bag also.
  • Buy balloons in bookstore.  I compared its price against those personalized balloons.
  • They buy little toys for the games’ prizes.  Maximum of 3 games.

My calculation of the total expense of this birthday party?  I won’t be spending higher than Php 2,500.00.

Sounds reasonable for a birthday party, right?  And the catch, Little Zoie doesn’t have any idea that we will be celebrating it in her school.  I will still talk to her teacher with this surprise birthday plan.