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The little guy just turned one-month old today!

After he turned 3 weeks old last week, I was already counting the days of his turning one month.  As a tradition, we have to celebrate his months of life after birth until he turns 1.  And yes, I mean monthly.  The old saying about this monthly celebration gives good health for the baby and shoos away any negative that brings in sickness.  Though it has been an old tradition, there’s nothing wrong in complying, we are just hoping and praying for Baby Matti’s good health as he grows.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a big feast, a couple of food for the simple celebration will do.  Today, we are going to order Pancit Canton and Pork Barbeque.  We already bought a Double Dutch cake roll from Goldilocks this morning and a 1.5L of Coke.  This is just a small feast for the little guy’s one month of living.  The whole celebration will be posted at my blog, Bonz World.

Happy one-month old, Matti!


I don’t know how it started, but now my little boy is crying with tears.

baby tears
can you see his tears? ^_^

In his early days of life, he’s been crying if he needs to feed or change diapers but no tears are coming out yet. So I’m amazed, yet again for my 2nd baby, how the little ones’ milestones are growing each day.  And so far, he’s getting progress.

Baby cries is so cute but if I can’t understand what he needs, that’s the time when I feel that his cries are heartbreaking.



His first smile happened on his first week of life, and I happen to had a chance taking a picture of one of his precious smiles this afternoon.

smile Matti

Really adorable!  A great chance to catch it!

Are you lucky enough to catch your baby’s early smiles?