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One of the things that you likely put in your pool to keep it clean is chlorine. However, this chemical can cause skin irritations, make the eyes red and is harmful to the environment if it gets on the ground. There are several alternatives to chlorine that are safer for both the family and the environment while still giving you the clear pool that you desire.


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I don’t have a swimming pool so I am curious what will the answer be.

They say if you have a swimming pool you need to use pool cover if you are not using the pool.  So, why do we need pool covers, really? Here are some reasons why we need to cover our pools.

  • One reason is to keep your pool clean. Pool covers are used to keep leaves, twigs and other garden stuff to fall into your pool.
  • Stops evaporation, or simply slows it.  We all know that water evaporates, same goes with the water in the swimming pool, so putting a cover over your swimming pool can slow evaporation or, best, stops it.
  • Conserves water.  This is one major contribution we can do to our planet, conserving water.  If you stops or slows down evaporation and keeping your pool water clean, you don’t need to change the pool water every now then, thus conserving water.
  • Less Maintenance.  The logic is there, pool covers can keep your pool water clean and the tank full.
  • And more importantly, it helps saves money.  Less maintenance and conserves water, it all spells SAVINGS!
It may seems that these reasons are only a few, but if you’re going to look at the last reason entry, it all boils down to savings and who doesn’t want savings?
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