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Well, I’m talking about the domain name I’m planning to buy for Baby Z.

I have been planning of getting one for him since January but since Baby Z is not cooperating in showing his gender over the pelvic ultrasound, the plans of buying him a domain with his name has been moved and moved.

Last month, 2 OB check ups ago, the gender was confirmed but I haven’t bought the domain, me and hubby just finalized Baby Z name.  Two weeks ago, my latest OB check up, just to confirm again, I asked the OB to check the gender again since hubby came with me.  I wanted him to show Baby Z’s gender.  Unfortunately, Baby Z became shy didn’t want to show his daddy whether he’s a boy or a girl.  ^_^

Today, I’m going back for my check up, 36 weeks of my pregnancy and the start of my weekly check ups, and I’m definitely (definitely) going to confirm the gender for the last time, though I can ask for it every check up because of the free ultrasound. ^_^

Though I’ll be able to confirm the gender today, I’m still in the middle of the question: to buy the domain now or wait until Baby Z comes out?



Finally, the gender of my second baby is confirmed!

tetanus toxoid shot
ouchie, shot!

It’s a BOY!

I visited my OB-Gyne this yesterday afternoon for my pre-natal check up (and a tetanus toxoid shot too) and fortunately, baby Z’s gender has been revealed!

Honestly, the excitement didn’t sink in first because my doctor got worried when she saw baby Z’s weight as she was doing a pelvic ultrasound.  It’s like, baby Z ‘s age does not tally with her computation of my due date.  The scan is showing that he’s 3 weeks early.  She advised me to get a Congenital Anomaly Scan and continue with the OGTT (75g) before I come back for my visit after 2 weeks.

When she told me to get the Congenital Anomaly Scan, the excitement of knowing the gender of my baby fades.  Hearing ‘congenital’ got me worried and now it got me thinking if there’s something wrong with my baby?  My OB-Gyne said that we need it to check the baby.  Maybe one of hubby’s aunt is guessing that we’ll need it to be able to confirm the age of the baby and when he really is due.

Though I’d love to know when is the exact date of delivery, I don’t think I need to spend more than 2k for a congenital scan.  My MIL simply suggested that there’s no need for that, we will just expect for baby Z as early as 2nd week of April if that’s the case.

As for the OGTT, I’ll be scheduling it next week, before holy week and after all the school affair of my Little Zoie.

Do you think I need to have that Congenital Anomaly Scan?



The best gift for a woman is undoubtedly when she is blessed with the joy of having a baby. So if you are experiencing this happiness, then you should take proper initiative to treasure your favourite gift, your baby. Know the stages of pregnancy week by week well to take care of your forthcoming new one well. Here is a pregnancy week by week chart to guide you through all the stages.

Week 1 & 2
Beginning of your pregnancy as your body gets prepared for ovulation and fertilisation.
Week 3
Fertilisation begins with the sperm meeting the egg. Your baby starts developing as a group of cells.
Week 4
There is splitting of the Blastocyst into ‘Placenta’ and ‘Embryo’ to be formed. The baby’s specialised body parts start their formation.
Week 5
Your HCG hormone levels rise announcing your pregnancy through a home test. The heart and circulatory system of the baby keep developing.
Week 6
The shape of your baby’s face is formed. You pee once every now and then at this stage.
Week 7
Your breasts swell up with a little aching in them. The brain of your baby starts developing.
Week 8
Morning sickness might be a common symptom with your baby wriggling within the womb.
Week 9
You must prefer taking long naps at this stage but your baby is all the more conscious about building his muscles.
Week 10
While your baby is busy making strong bones and cartilage, you should intake more fibre to cope with constipation.
Week 11
Your baby has become a little more like you as its development continues.
Week 12
You might notice those extra kilos in your body now but it is actually your baby who has put on weight.
Week 13
Your baby is almost like a peach in size.
Week 14
Your baby grows on some hair on its head, eyebrows and body as well.
Week 15
Your baby stretches its arms and legs and you have that kicking sensation.
Week 16
Your baby grows on its eyesight including those tiny eyelashes.
Week 17
The baby prepares itself for swallowing and sucking things.
Week 18
Your baby moves around your belly within anytime while you face an aching back.
Week 19
The skin of your little darling develops a coating while you develop leg cramps.
Week 20
Now it’s time you can know the sex of your baby through a routine ultrasound.
Week 21
You are likely to develop stretch marks this week.
Week 22
Your feet grow just like your baby’s senses.
Week 23
Your baby becomes healthier and you might take note of your striking belly.
Week 24
The belly button pops out as the face of your darling develops more.
Week 25
You may undergo brisk breath, as your baby takes its first breath now.
Week 26
The biggest surprise is when your baby pops up its eyes this week.
Week 27
Your baby grows on and so do your feet and ankles.

There are so many further developments in your pregnancy week by week as you proceed to the third trimester of your pregnancy. Finally one fine day within week 40 to 42, you might have your sweet plum with you!


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PWhile I’m waiting for my Little Zoie to finish her 2nd day of taking exams for the 2nd quarter, I got a suddenr craving for Jollibee’s Jolly Hotdog meal. So, what I did is, cross the national road and viola… I’m at Jollibee SM already! ^_^


Eating this meal alone is no fun at all… good thing I’m using hubby’s mobile phone and I busied myself surfing the net with SM’s free WiFi access for everyone.  ^_^

Happy Preggy Tummy!