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Red Strawberries from Baguio


A friend of mine visited Baguio last week. He came there with his balikbayan family and when I learned he was there, I immediately asked him to buy me strawberries!!! ^_^

Of course, he obliged to bring the pregnant woman 1 kilo of strawberries.  What I didn’t expect is, if it is not peak season at Baguio, strawberries are more expensive.  My friend bought them for Php 300.00 for a kilo.

Well, for a pregnant woman, I’ll buy and eat it as long as I know it will satisfy my cravings.  ^_^




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Pregnancy and Cough

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Last weekend I visited my OB-GYNE in the clinic for my first pre-natal checkup. I want to see her even though it’s still weeks away for my next visit, I need to see her because of my long-running cough.  Well, not long-running actually but I’m more concerned about it especially now I wanted to be more healthy in the days of my pregnancy.

When the OB asks if there’s something wrong with my gastritis again, or if I’m vomiting too much, I updated her about last weeks pregnancy episodes.  There are times that I get too vomit too much in a day and sometimes just a couple of throw-ups.  I also complained about my cough and upon hearing it, she doesn’t like what it sounds.

Just to be safe, especially now I’m pregnant, she prescribed me with antibiotics for 7 days, which is safe for pregnant women, more Vitamin Cs (3 times a day) and continuation of the usual pregnant medicines such as Folic Acid, Duvadilan and Duphaston.  She also requested me to take another ultrasound (Pelvic Ultrasound) to check if the hemorrhage is gone, she saw it when I was hospitalized two weeks ago.  She ordered me to get in touch with her as soon as the results for the ultrasound is out.  If the ultrasound shows no hemorrhage, I’ll be back in a month but if there still is, I need to see her after two weeks (now, it will be a week).

When we were finished, I suddenly wondered if there is already a heart beat in my embryo, well… I know it has, I would have love to hear my baby #2’s heart beat with their device, fetal doppler.  Hmmm… I should have requested for it, right?  I’ll sure tell on my next visit.

As for my cough, I’m still on antibiotics and more Vitamin Cs through meds and fruits.  Good thing, it’s still mango season right?  ^_^


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Hyperemesis Gravidarum


We thought it is only an Acid Reflux attack, but we are wrong…

As of this writing I am already 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant, we found it out 2 days ago.  This is a blessing really but the excessive vomiting I had experience for the past two weeks is not healthy at all.  Especially if you’re not eating on the right time and missing a few meals not knowing you need to feed the baby inside you!  That is not healthy at all!

So, just to get me hydrated and eating again, the physician I went to see on Monday night has suggested to have me confined in the hospital.  Until I can eat again.


Of course, I got two doctors checking on me:  DRA. Jarcia for Internal Medicine, to check on my Acute Gastritis, and DRA. Sera Jose as my OB-GYNE for my pregnancy.

In my two days of stay, on the first day, the OB-GYNE requested for a Transvaginal Ultrasound to look at my ovary and check on the forming baby.  So far, the baby looks okay, it is still an embryo, and it was running 6 weeks and 3 days on the day of the ultrasound.

Because of excessive vomiting, OB-GYNE, Dra. Sera Jose, saw internal hemorrhage in the ovaries.  Nothing serious and it can be cured by medication.  After understanding my condition she diagnosed me with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

According to Baby Center’s blogs, as published on Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)…

“… is a severe form of unrelenting, excessive nausea and vomiting in pregnancy that usually extends beyond the first trimester, and if severe and/or inadequately treated, it is typically associated with weight loss, dehydration, starvation and potential loss of life. HG is the most common cause of hospitalization in the first half of pregnancy.”

In my point of view, it doesn’t look serious, the HG that is.  But when I read Baby Center’s HG article it became a serious condition for me.  There are moms and babies who lost to Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Sufferers has been spreading awareness to this severe condition for pregnant moms.  Last May 15, The Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation (H.E.R.) has declared the first annual Hyperemesis Gravidarum World Awareness Day.

I lost a few pounds, I got dehydrated and not eating anymore because of HG, next time I will be cautious and careful in taking care the little one inside me.

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Last Hours in the Hospital


I just want to share my last hours in the hospital.  I was so happy that my IV were removed before midnight of the past night, and I was happy showing it off to hubby when he got back from office.  He went straight to the hospital to assist in my discharge and settle the bills.

last day in the hospital

The hospital may not be a high-end one but the nurses who took care of me gave good caring services.  They really interact with their patients and sincere know how they are feeling.  Good thing everything is comfortable, of course they are not using log bedroom furniture in this kind of health care establishment.  That’s why me and hubby have decided to give birth on the same hospital when I’m due on April or May.

See you again, in 8-9 months! ^_^