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Last weekend, we planned to visit my in-laws after a hearty breakfast at McDonald’s but it ended up going to the malls in Alabang after learning that they are about to go out.

Hubby decided to us tag along.  We went to Metropolis Starmall in Alabang first, my sister-in-law was planning to buy a BlackBerry phone that day but ended up buying Samsung Y instead.  We also window shopped at the mall’s department store and then found some decent clothes at ukay-ukay, I bought one cute vest for Little Zoie for only a hundred! ^_^

After shopping, the family hasn’t decided where to eat first.  Hubby’s sisters then teased him to treat them lunch at Giligan’s.  With a couple of ‘lambing’ and teases, hubby finally agreed to treat the family out.

We ordered Groupies selection from Giligan’s Island menu.  Sorry, I forgot which groupies but it includes:  Inihaw na Baboy, Sinigang na Bangus, and Garlic Chicken.  We also ordered my favorite Giligan’s Pork Sisig, and two Mango shakes.  A total of Php 800+ lunch, not bad for a family of 5 1/2, Little Zoie is half-size, right?

Also, Giligan’s Island is now offering unlimited rice for only Php 36.00.  Not bad eh?  We upgraded ours instead of asking cups of rice or another platter, it seems expensive that way.  Actually, we finished 3 platters of rice, 2 of them were the unlimited.  ^_^


me, Little Zoie and Lola Mommy


Next time, I’ll suggest that we eat at Super Bowl of China.  I miss eating there.  ^_^



Another Tagaytay Trip went down last week, but this time with my in-laws.  Like what I’ve said in my previous post, it was really an expensive week for me. ;-p

It was re-tracing the steps when the time me and my high school friends went there early April.  But since this is the food blog, I’m sharing our little lunch at Mahogany Market in Tagaytay.  I assume it was the place to go to when you’re craving for Bulalo and you’re in Tagaytay.

I paid for 2 orders of Bulalo that day, so now I know how much is it. ^_^

Bulalo at Tagaytay, Batangas

Bulalo Soup Php300.00

As everyone has their own topics to talk about: father and mother-in-law are busy talking about liability insurance from MIL’s work.  Me and hubby are talking about the Bulalo.  My two sisters-in-law and Pete are discussing where to go next after eating.  And my little one, Zoie, is busy finishing her plate full of soup and bits of beef. 😉


Ooppss… caught in the act! ^_^

Whenever you’re in Tagaytay, or in Batangas, don’t miss eating their food specialty.  Batangas is known for cooking the best Bulalo ever! ^_^



They said that Bulalo is one of Tagaytay’s specialties, even my hubby confirmed it.  I’ve been there, at Tagaytay, many times already but nobody told me about the Bulalo. 🙁

Good thing, my best friends suggested to eat Bulalo when they ‘kidnapped’ me last Monday. 😉 The explanation of ‘kidnapped’ is over my personal/parenting blog, Zoie’s Mom Blogging.

I really didn’t know where we ate, I only heard that it was a market in Mahogany.  When you say market and you’re going to eat there, you’ll expect that you’re going to eat at a carinderia or canteen.  But I didn’t expect that it was neatly rowed carinderias.  I think it was, more or less, 10 carinderias lined up.  Mind you, even it is a market place it was clean.

Anyway, we picked randomly where we will eat because all of them are serving Bulalo. ^_^  And here’s what we ordered.

  • Bulalo and
  • Crispy Dilis
  • 6 cups of plain rice


4 bowls of Bulalo for me, my best friend Hannah, her husband Jay & close high school buddy, TJ.

Of course before eating I need to take some pictures for my food blog. 😉  Photo opp!

Photobucket Photobucket



Yum Yum

Their Bulalo is so good… ^_^ So, as soon as I get back home that day, I told hubby to go back there together and eat Bulalo!

in Tummy Yummy

Dining at City of Springs


Last month, January 13-14 to be exact, me and my small family of three went to have a little fun relaxation time in a small and quiet resort in Los Baños, Laguna.  We stayed at the City of Springs Resort and Hotels, it is among the sister resorts of Splash Mountain.

We only availed an overnight stay in this peaceful resort, me and hubby have stayed here twice before with some friends.  And, as for the food, they have good servings.  You are eating more than what you paid for for the servings they served.

We still have a leftover KFC Bucket meal from lunch along with fixins and the Coke, so we only ordered Sinigang na Hipon and Ensaladang Talong.  It was more food just for the three of us. ^_^

We ordered:

3 Plain Rice, Php 40/each
1 Sinigang na Hipon, small order, Php 180.00
1 Ensaladang Talong, Php 100.00

Their cups of rice seems like big cups, it was really full and pressed through.  The soup is another big serving for a small order, they put a lot of veggies and shrimps (hipon) unlike the servings at Giligan’s.  😉 Lastly, for the Ensaladang Talong, ahh…. every veggies are fresh.

All I can say, our dinner is perfect, and we are really full, to think I haven’t eaten a chicken at our KFC bucket meal. ;-)  Even Little Zoie finished her plate, she ate all the shrimps! ^_^

City of Springs have serves really good food with good prices!

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